One and a half vegan

#6: Make it circular!


So you tore your jeans doing a bad split at party again. I know a place where you can fix them or allow them to become something entirely new like a backpack.
One and a Half vegan episode #6 is talking to Karin, who works at Fixoteket – a place where one can fix, improve or otherwise even add some style to anything from clothes to electronics, like phones, for FREE!
The life of your jeans is no longer a line that ends in a trash-bin – it’s a circle. Keep it going!

Visit any of the locations of Fixoteket in Hammarkullen, Bergsjön, Majorna and Rannebergen. Find all information about opening times on their website at Besides, you can get Do It Yourself tips and information about their upcoming events through their social media at and

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In this show we try to explore the footprint that we leave on the world every day and how to make adjustments that reduce the negative impact on the environment and society while still enjoying the good things of life.


Timi Rus och Donatas Kveselys.


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