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#14: 2019, a trip towards sustainability


For our final episode of 2019 we come back to the studio to summarize our year of sustainability. This is a great episode for those who may be intimidated by all the lifestyle changes required to lead a fully sustainable life and provides a healthy way of thinking about how to improve gradually.

Christmas is a time for acknowledgement and gratitude:
Thanks to K103, Gothenburg student radio for giving us the chance to drive this show and to be introduced to the world of radio and podcasting.
Thank you to all guests in this year’s episodes: Silviu, Elle, Jodie, Karin, Petra, Albin, and also to all those Gothenburgers that participated in our interview in the last episode.
Thank you to all that have been interested enough to listen to any of our episodes and special gratitude to those who have been patient enough to follow us from the beginning of the year until now.

Prepare your New Year’s resolutions, we are going to make 2020 more sustainable!

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In this show we try to explore the footprint that we leave on the world every day and how to make adjustments that reduce the negative impact on the environment and society while still enjoying the good things of life.


Timi Rus och Donatas Kveselys.


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