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Machinedrum på Portside
We're back! And all technical difficulties aside (sorry about last week) we are going to set you up with a 50 minute offering from the long promised Machinedrum via the guys at Ninja Tune.

An interesting set from the North Carolina native which impressively incorporates the new, the old, and the strangely familiar, all glitched out and mashed up till your Hip-Hop hearts content. Much as you'd expect from the man following the release of his 'Vapour City' record last month.

As a wee preamble to our feature we shall hit up some other Ninja Tune newcomers in the form of El-P's new project with Killer Mike 'Run the Jewels' all in the name of Christmas and it's apparent annual regularity. The duos entire album is available free (link below) and is truly worth the 5 minutes it will take to aquire the thing. Also 'LBCK' supply some electro funk from their free downloadable album 'The Goods' (link below).

So welcome folks, and good listening.



FREE Download, Run the Jewels - Run the Jewels (album):


FREE Download, LBCK - The Goods


THURSDAY FILL: Young Fathers

Hello and welcome to the third and most Wednesday-like of FILL sessions thus far here at Portside

Up this week are a Hip-Hop trio based out of Edinburgh, UK and consisting of a Liberian (Alloysious Massaquo), a Nigerian (Kayus Bankole) and a solitary Scot (Graham Hastings ), although I believe all were raised in Scotland to some effect after hearing a few of their past interviews.

Forming in 2008 YF brought out their first record ‘Inconceivable child…conceived’ on Black Sugar Records. Coming out with a bright sound and breezy aesthetic, very distant from what we have today, there were comparisons to ‘De la Soul’ and ‘3T’. This guise lasted one album and a three year touring stint but in 2011 with label ditched and having acquired a darker, more soulful edge, YF returned with the free EP ‘tape one’.

Unluckily for you and me (unless you know your shit) that EP was re-released on Anticon records in January so it is no longer free…gutted. However you can stream till your heart’s content here on soundcloud:


The first track ‘Deadline’ is full of heavy thumping bass and vocals which are very melodic but delivered with power, a kind of protest song. The line:

‘Don’t you turn my home against me, even though my house is empty’

stands out as being particularly prophetic considering the superficial trappings of this current generation.

‘Sister’ comes through in a similar vein and the way Alloysious pronounces ‘little’, ‘hero’, ‘now’ and every other end of a sentence causes me to bump my head that little bit harder. Maybe it’s the natural affinity I have for my own regional bit of the English language but the highly positive critical reception of the trio certainly bucks the established trend. Scottish accents have sometimes been maligned and patronized in the UK Hip-Hop scene in the past, but when showcased here it provides substance which serves to further impress that ‘Young Fathers’ have a personality all of their own. ‘Cock-a-Leekie Soup’ even turns up in ‘Remains’ which is definitely worth a mention.

After this the record mellows out a bit and settles into some quietly dark pieces but with that marching bass still featured throughout. At one point we also catch a little bit of reggae/R’n’B in the distorted ‘Romance’.

With the reception of 'Tape 1' still fresh YF signed with Los Angeles based label Anticon at the close of 2012. YF's second EP 'Tape 2' was then released in June of this year, again to generally positive reviews. 'Tape 2' further exhibits the growing maturity of the YF sound. The heavy african beats and strong vocals are still there but now complimented by multiple layers of fuzzed bass and electronic stabs, sometimes subtle, often sparse, but wonderfully put together. You still get that raw ‘Tape 1’ sound on tracks like 'Mr. Martyr' and 'The Queen is Dead' but this new minimalist approach to the arrangement and inevitable step up in production becomes apparent on 'I Heard', 'Way down in the Hole' and 'Ebony Sky' among others. At times sounding not unlike 'The Weeknd' but with a purpose more full of grit and soul. Overall the EP is a tighter, fuller record than its predecessor and continues this Edinburgh outfit’s rise in stature.

This leads us to the release of a third and full length record from YF this coming year (the last two came in at about 20 minutes apiece). ‘Dead’ comes to us in February of 2014 and the lead single ‘Low’ is available right now as a wee teaser to the rest of the album. If ‘Low’ is anything to by, 2014 is going to be an extremely busy for Young Fathers.

FREE DOWNLOAD of ‘The Guide’:


Young Fathers – Way Down in the Hole (as I couldn’t find it anywhere else):


Young Fathers Homepage:


Anticon Records:


XXL Episode feat Mark Waters

It's another week and myself and Mike have all that is new and fresh in the world of electro/house. This week for the first time we spread the show to two hours to fit in the most chilled and breezy of guest mixes. Unlike the majority of the guest mixes we field here at Portside, this one landed in our lap Tuesday night. No chasing, no back and forth emails with this one. So impressed we were with the set, had us from the 'Soosh' intro, that we decided to leave the scheduled mix on the back burner and deliver you this 1 hour 40 minute set from Mark Waters. We don't know much about this individual bar what is written on his soundcloud page so we shall keep letters and words to a minimum...nice.

Mark's Soundcloud:



Affelaye - Want You
Steve Huerta - Falling Up
Klaves - Without You
Pascäal - Drowning in You
Lenno - Never Stop

Mark Waters' Mix:

For You (Synkro Edit) - Soosh
Ambalance - Are You Around (Grenier Remix)
Rumah - Murmur (Severn Beach Remix)
Beat Pharmacy - Sometimes I'm Happy
Inxec & Droog - Unhinged
Brodanse - Activate Feat. Cari Golden (Oliver $ Back To School Mix)
Housemeister - Who Is That Boys
George FitzGerald - Every Inch (Original Mix)
Djuma Soundsystem & Aki Bergen - Love Her Madly (feat. Lazarusman) [Djuma Soundsystem Version]
Nautiluss - Zero Gravity
Waze & Odyssey - Please Don't Dance (Detroit Swindle's Basement Dub)
Mitewort - Changes
Fuckpony - I'm Burning Inside
Oliver Huntemann - Melbourne
F. Sonik & Andrew Technique - Mr. Rich (Original Mix)
Julio Bashmore - Ribble to Amazon
David August & Stimming - Sexy Biest (Gui Boratto Remix)
Terence Fixmer - When the Sun (Original Mix)

TUESDAY FILL: thefaded

Right then. It may be the wrong day and due to a lack of foresight (which was entirely to be expected) 'TUESDAY FILL' doesn't quite sound right, but I'll be damned if there is to be another 5 minute blog naming brainstorming session. So it's a done deal and we can all thank 'thefaded' for the privilege of this premature post.

The 'One Last Time EP' from 'thefaded' allonewordlowercase is exactly what you need on a day such as this dreary effort we have before us. Some energetic trap madness to clear that Tuesday fog and get you diligently filling out your spreadsheets. I only say 'madness' on immediate impact, the first and lead track from the EP ('The last time (no frills)') is bass heavy and full of what sounds like an early casio keyboard interpretation of trumpets. As the slurring digital notes pitch and fade into bass sections it becomes readily apparant that the track, and the whole EP, is a production which is intricately deliberate. This is no run-of-the-mill trap just slapped down for effect, 'One Last Time' gets more interesting each playback.

As an example, after you've been thumped and battered by 'Swang' for the vast duration, the last minute descends into a delightfully melodious outro which takes you completely by suprise. 'Fuck Boys' builds fast then breaks into some intense minimal trap highlighting exactly what this EP is all about. Astute trap blended with melodic bass, skittery drums and the occasional distorted vocal sample. The rest of the EP plays out in this fashion with the muted 'Henry Steinway' and the very Go! Team-eske (maybe it's the sample???) 'Everybody (Bounce)' the stand outs.

Even better than all of these words that I have typed onto this here page can translate, The whole album is completely free and is available here:


It's a great EP and a free one at that.

'thefaded' also has EP preceeding this most recent release, 'Pushing Weight' is another fantastically produced molodious trap offering. Again, it's free and you can pick it up here:


If you are interested in hearing more from this Oxnard, CA local then check out 'Free Drinkz', a colaborational effort between the man listed here and another Californian producer.


Mid-Season Break

Something a little different for our show this Saturday. We are going to make somewhat of a mid-season review and take a break from delivering you the freshest sets from the newest producers and DJ's from around the world to highlight some new individual releases that we believe are deserving of your attention. We shall guide through the newest material from the likes of 'Hudson Mohawke','Huerco S','Jonas Rathsman','The Clerk' and many more. As usual myself and Mike will be here in the studio to fill in the gaps and press all the relavent buttons to bring you the best from this assemblage of talent.

So, 8pm (GMT+1) here at K103 Student Radio to catch the latetest installment of Portside...


P.S. You can catch all previous editions of Portside along at the K103 Student Radio Mixcloud, available 24 hours a day whenever you like.



I've Given - Gonasufi
Super Califrigida - The Clerk
Cosmic Carlos - Sabre
Milangeles - Samuel
Feel What I Feel - Jonas Rathman
Being True - Snasen
Banj - Baio
I'zhiid - Huerco S
Top Cat - The Clerk
Optical - Martin Aquino & Leo Leal
Vista - Jackson & His Computer Band (Hudson Mohawke Remix)
My Love - Route 94
Juniper - Filastine

Brian Barker on Portside

Here we are, in the fifth show already. It has been quite a blast so far. To 'celebrate' these five shows we bring you a DJ from Philadelphia, PA, USA who goes by the name of Brian Barker.

Brian grew up on the outskirts of Philadelphia. He was introduced to music at a very young age. His family were avid music listeners, everything from classic rock to soul, funk & disco. He fell in love with hip hop & rock when he was a kid. He played guitar, drums & piano all the way to his college years. It was then he just so happened to land a job as a bar-back at a night club in downtown Philadelphia. Thats when he was exposed to club life and DJ’s. From then till now it’s been a 10+ year roller coaster ride. Most recently this year he worked for a party in philly called the “Sundae” party. He got to hang out with & play along side some renown DJ’s including Kon, King Britt, Hector Romero, Miguel Migs, Slow Hands, Bobbito Garcia, Rich Medina, Cosmo Baker & Sonny Fodera, just to name a few. This year he also graduated from the Ableton live producer course from Dubspot NYC in Manhattan. He got to work with and be taught by Abe Duque & Raz Mesinai.

His next venture is working on a 2-3 track ep over the next few months. By establishing the right relationships with the right people he will definitely have more than a few options when shopping the EP out to labels.

His dream is to be signed to a major label like Defected or Ovum & be able to travel the world and play music for a living.

As for us we sure hope to catch up with him in Sweden at a live set in a few years.

Follow Brian's Sundae project: https://soundcloud.com/sundae

Follow Brian on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/djbrianbarker

FRIDAY FILL: Huerco S (Royal Crown of Sweden)

To provide some background noise to the ever so long silence between two consecutive Saturdays and so two consecutive sets, we decided to thrash out some kind of regular intervening blog. Once a week, mid-week (usually a Friday otherwise the tagline doesn't quite snap), we shall pull together some words, and possibly paragraphs, regarding artists/producers/DJ's that have some relevance to where we are, and what we are doing here at Portside.

First up is the Kansas born, New York based, producer of stripped midwestern house and gramophone tech, Huerco S aka Brian Leeds.

Leeds’ is currently on a European tour and will end up over in Stockholm on the 21st of November. So you could call this a preview of sorts.

Leeds' newest work feels so very old. His latest release, 'Colonial Patterns' via Software Records, gives away as much through name alone. This low tech, low key house and techno offering comes through warped and distorted, as if the whole thing was recorded on a 20 year old cassette tape. None of this says anything of detriment to the album however, the opposite in fact, it's a theme that is carried the duration and adds depth to every track. The album veers through ambience ('Monks Mound','Chun-Kee Player'), spacey techno (‘Canticoy’, ‘Anagramme of my love’) alongside some more housey efforts (‘Iińzhiid’). Those efforts are few but hark back to some his earlier material through which we first got to know the man known as
Huerco S.

The ‘No Jacks’ EP released through ‘Wicked Bass Records’ is more of your standard house fare. Where it lacks the misty soundscapes of its successor, it steps forward with some classic groove and rhythms. ‘No Jacks’ the title track of the EP stands out and bounces through layered vocals but holds on to that little bit of eccentricity we would see in later releases.

Interestingly, Leeds’ also producers under a second alias. This alternate goes by the name of ‘Royal Crown of Sweden’. Also interesting is the tracklisting which accompanies his first release in this guise. ‘R.E.G.A.L.I.E.R.’ includes tracks such as ‘Mälaren’ and ’Vättern’. What a Kansas local has in common with this land of snow and ice is unclear but I guess we will find out come November in Stockholm. Anyhow ’R.E.G.A.L.I.E.R.’ is another of Leeds’ interesting experiments with house and techno that is definately worth a listen.

All in all...get along to Stockholm in November.

Huerco S Soundcloud:


Huerco S Tumblr:


Cain on Portside

We are very excited to welcome Cain as the fourth guest producer of our exclusive mix series here at Portside.

Cain hails from the highlands of Scotland and we first got a sample of Cain's work last year with the energetic 'Masaai' along with with some notable remix work, a personal highlight being the re-working of Dizzee Rascal's 'Stand up Tall'.

Fresh from the release of his first EP 'Mora' last month, Cain has received attention from the likes of Auntie Flo, Brackles, Dark Sky and none other than DJ Shadow himself. This along with airplay from Rob da Bank and Ally McCrae on BBC Radio 1 betrays the quality of Cain's work. Let's just say we can see what the fuss is about. 'Mora' is full of dark, imposing beats and rhythms that reverberate through every track. Cain showcases these in his exclusive guest mix for Portside. Weaving the newest of his material amongst the likes of Wiley, Burial, Dizzee Rascal and Flying Lotus.

Cain finds himself on the Aberdeen/Oslo/London based label 'Fine Grains', the same guys that brought us the 'Sink' EP from OL and Yoin back in May. If the last two releases are anything to go by this young label's future release schedule is worth closer inspection.

So be sure to check out the progress of Cain this coming year and his exclusive guest mix here at Portside should provide the perfect motivation.

Cain's 'Mora' EP here:


Cain's Soundcloud:


Cain's Facebook:


Fine Grains Label:


Massimo Di Lena, alongside.

Massimo Di Lena, or Massi DL to the ones already familiar, joins us for our third session of the Portside season. And a fine session it is too. Massi gives us his whole time and undivided attention this week with an exclusive full hour set. From start to finish we will be supplied with the newest, freshest techno and house music all the way from sunny Napoli Italy.

Massimo grew up with the techno scene and this ultimately paved the way for his foray into production. Early material was championed by heavyweights of the genre which lead to featured tracks on compilations for FUSE in Belgium and Amnesia in Ibiza. Massimo then turned his attention to House in early 2009 but his new releases betray his techno roots. Since then the Neopolitan has released material under various progressive labels including Freerange, Cadenza Records and Trus'me's Prime Numbers to name a few. Currently Massimo has just dusted off a collaboration with Rio Padice on Clone Royal Oak and is gearing up for the release of his newest EP 'Hardlife' on Early Sounds, a record label co-founded by himself and fellow Neopolitans Rio Padice and Leskin.

So get ready to take a sneak peak at some of his upcoming material as 2014 looks set to be a big year for Massimo Di Lena.

Massimo Di Lena Soundcloud:


Massimo Di Lena Beatport:


Early Sounds Records Soundcloud:


FaltyDL on Portside

Second show of the season and we switch from house to a bit different style, namely the drum and bass vibes of FaltyDL. Coming from the USA he is here to represent NinjaTune exclusively for the listeners of Portside. Smooth vibes that will warm you up and get you on a good mood.

Follow him on Soundcloud and on Facebook: https://soundcloud.com/faltydl - https://www.facebook.com/FaltyDL

Except for the groovy tunes of FaltyDL, this hour is filled with tunes from Machinedrum, Cain, Toyboy and Robin etc. Tune in and listen to Portside. The show will be later available on Mixcloud. Stay Tuned

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