Quelquefois cinema E16

A Fascinating story is waiting for you! Netflix Original Series

What would happen if scientific technology has developed a lot more than now? Netflix original series 'Black Mirror' shows the scenery of the future, which is somewhere between the hope and the catastrophe. What would happen when soul could live forever in virtual reality? What would happen when parents could see what his/her daughter see in her eyes? 'Black Mirror' series shows this story, which is quite interesting. Why 'Black Mirror'is a lot more interesting than other dramas or films that deals with the developed technology? What is the secret of it? Let's check on the Quelquefois Cinema E16! This cinema is free of charge.

If you want to go to cinema and watch a movie without any plan, just visit Quelquefois Cinema and have a seat on E16. Hope you enjoy the movie that you have never seen.


Hyunseo David Cho.

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