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Radio Utblick - European Elections 2017 - France

In this edition of Radio Utblick, we look at the french election together with Marie Demker, professor in Political Science at Gothenburg university, also Dean for the Faculty of Arts.This spring, our podcast Radio Utblick takes a closer look at the national elections in the European Union. Focusing on key issues e.g. populism, mainstream parties and new parties.

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Radio Utblick is produced by The Society of International Affairs in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Youth unemployment

We explore the unemployment of youth in Sweden, Europe and the world.

Why is it so hard for young people to get a job, even if they got a university degree, the reasons behind it and how you can improve your chances of getting a job.

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Women empowerment, activism & human rights

We explore women empowerment, activism in relation to human rights together with Fatima. Human rights have different perspectives, we dive into trafficking, black-lives matter and gender perspective are some of the perspectives explored.

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Elections and Populism

The first Radio Utblick broadcast of the new academic year! The upcoming elections in the US and France are evaluated by native correspondents in our studio. What do they expect of them? And why do they both fear the populist spirit that surrounds the candidats' campaigns?

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Voter suppression & Sverige betraktat utifrån

Hur delstater i USA försöker utesluta väljare från att delta i arbetet och dessutom en utlännings perspektiv på Sverige och vårt politiska landskap.

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Kontroversiella politiska beslut

Italiensk aktivism, politisk nostalgi och kontroverser kring USA:s högsta domstol

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Feministisk utrikespolitik

Programmet fokuserar på feminism i allmänhet och feministisk utrikespolitik i synnerhet med inslag från en debatt 24 februari där Utrikespolitiska Föreningen Göteborg bjöd in Gudrun Schyman, från Feministiskt Initiativ och Birgitta Ohlsson från Liberalerna. Frågor som togs upp var:

Vad är feministisk utrikespolitik? Hur gynnar feminism utrikespolitiken? Hur har regeringens arbete hittills gått vad gäller feministisk utrikespolitik?

Vi tar även upp feminism och jämnstäldhet i Italien och Ruben Dieleman ger sin syn på svensk feminism från ett Hollänskt perspektiv.

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Coming in from the cold

The western sanctions are lifted and Iran is coming in from the cold after a decade of negotioations.

In this program we will be discussing how the world, the region and Iran itself is affected by the country’s broken isolation.

We’ll talk about Irans high expectations when it comes to economic growth, Israel’s dissatisfaction with the ’nuclear deal’, and how the economic sanctions have affected the avarage Iranian.

Egil Sturk, Johan Palmquist, Ruben Dieleman and Samuel Horgby are participating in making the program fro the studio in Gothenburg. Joining us to talk about her views on Iran is Sara Varghaei, a student at the University of Gothenburg. And, as usally, Rebecka Mårtensson is participating from Turino, Italy.

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Georgia on my mind - Part two

In the second program about Georgia. You’ll hear Natia Gvianishvili talk about the conditions for LGBT-persons living in Georgia, Karin Göransson about UN Womens work to strenghten womens position in Georgian society, and Erekle Urushadze for Transparency International about corruption. In addition to this, our serie entitled “The Other Italy” continues. This time about LGBT-rights in Italy.

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Georgia on my mind - Part one

This season's first program is the first of two episodes about Georgia.

Georgia is a tiny country in the crossroads between Eastern Europe and West Asia but plays a big geopolitical role. This first show will focus on Georgia's relations to Russia, it's quest to become a Nato and EU member. We'll talk about the bloodless 'Rose revolution' that took place in 2004, the conflict that the country has with it's two breakaway regions and the war with Russia that it fought as recently as 2008.

Tune in tonight at 8.30, or listen to the episode on, and hear Martina Quick, the ambassador of Sweden to Georgia and Dominic Zagara journalist at Democracy and Freedom Watch interpret Georgia's geopolitical situation.

At the end of our show is a report, by Rebecka Mårtensson. In a serie that she makes called “The other Italy”. This time about a project to map Italian NGO’s and Nonprofit organizations, called Italia che cambia.

Radio Utblick is a program focusing on the issues of today's society through a global perspective. Each week you will be able to listen to us explaining, discussing and debating, along with experts. We broadcast every Tuesday 21:30 on K103 Göteborgs Studentradio, through FM 103,1.
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The staff: Samuel Horgby, Sara Lindström,Ruben Dieleman, Egil Sturk, John Norell, Nestor Morberg and Lova Pettersson.

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Gustav Nyqvist, Fredrik Dellby, Nicolas Sahlqvist och Rebecka Mårtensson.

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