Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure?

As the year went on it became clear that 2020′s pop music trend was disco. With big releases like The Weeknd’s “After Hours” and Dua Lipa’s “Future Nostalgic” we’re getting sounds heavily influenced by the 80′s.

Such was the case with Jessie Ware’s new album, “What’s Your Pleasure?”. With the 4th extension of her discography, Jessie gives us a glimpse from the past. She captures the essence of disco and glamour. While aforementioned artists are merely influenced by the sound of the era, “What’s Your Pleasure?” embodies it in it’s rawest form and builds further on it. Something that makes her standout from her peers. A lot of the enjoyment that I got from this albums lies with it being so truly disco.

Right from the start we’re getting hip moving drums and sharp synth bass on the first track. Spotlight is a theatrical opening with the instrumental building a rising tension everytime the chorus repeats. But it leaves room for Jessie’s voice to stand out. There’s a certain melancholy as we’re introduced to the story of love that no longer can be. Love of which she can’t let go. As you can’t stop the sun from rising neither can you stop the heart from beating. This realization bridges over to the song’s outro in which Jessie confronts her forbidden lover.

As Spotlight hits a resolution it passes over to the title track, What’s Your Pleasure?. With a heavier and darker instrumental we move away from the uncertainty of Spotlight and onto the dancefloor of a confident and determined Jessie. We are asked suggestively to express our desires and give into temptation.

Ooh La La and Soul Control offer the most playful instrumentals on the album. It’s a great contrast to the heavier parts of the album. Later on we get the track Step Into My Life which is a perfect marriage between orchestral strings and various synths. The outro gives the classy vibe and urgency of a classic James Bond track. Last but not least we have Remember Where You Are. A dramatic and soulful track with the emotional magnitude of a club closer. Although I imagine a club playing Jessie Ware never closes.

“What’s Your Pleasure?” is an album filled with sparks, joy and glitter. Jessie’s lush singing delivers classic disco lyrics throughout the album paired with slick production. She has outdone her peers with a more consistent body of work. “What’s Your Pleasure?” is my 2020 album of the year.

I hopp om att sprida kunskap om hiphop-musikens värld och ha roligt på vägen. Avsnitt består av antingen fritt pratande gällande nya releases eller återberättande av gamla händelser som är kopplade till fin hiphop-musik.




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