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Rare Groove #6 PPU (People Potentials Unlimited)

Under Rare Groove #6 kommer det spelas musik ifrån skivbolaget PPU (People Potentials Unlimited). De specialiserar sig underground lofi-funk och disco.

People’s Potential Unlimited (PPU) is a record label in DC recognized for discovering and reissuing some of the weirdest and best ultra-rare boogie, funk, and other dance music from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, as well as a new generation of beatmakers who draw sonic inspiration from these worlds of sound. Founded by Andrew Morgan and originally operating out of his basement, PPU creates a world that re-imagines funk as outsider art. The label’s roster includes names found on demo tapes abandoned in time, but also pushes the present into the future with newly discovered acts.

Länk till programmet:


Midnight Express - Danger Zone (instrumental)

Dazzle - Explain

Napoleon Cherry - When You Had The Chance

Robbie M - Driftin’ In A State Of Love

Dwight Sykes - Were Ever You Are

Dwight Sykes - After Midnight

The Loni Gamble Band Feat Lisa Warrington - Like The Way You Do It

Minority Band - Tasty Tune

George Smallwood - Lady Disco

Evans Pyramid - Where Love Lives

Cyril Walker - Let’s Partay

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