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Rave FM - set 5 - Industrial techno

It's April and time for a new set by the self-isolated, yours truly, Margarita
Blow away the dust from your speakers and prepare your eardrums for some hard hitting techno with industrial vibes.
Tomorrow 20.04.03
K103.se / FM (GBG) 103,1/ TuneIn (K103)

Rave FM - set 4 - Margarita

Your fourth Radical Audio Visual Experience is approaching. Stay tight until this Friday 20.03.06
K103.se / FM (GBG) 103,1/ TuneIn (K103)

Premier - Set 3 - DJ Margarita

New fresh set is dropping tomorrow at the usual time by your host and DJ Margarita. There will be some proper ravealistic music (that will start of nice and sweet and end in a heartattack)!
Don't miss it. Tomorrow 20-21 (GMT+1), listen to it LIVE in Sweden, Gothenburg at FM 103,1

Rave FM - set 2 - Guest - DJ Baduga

This is the second episode and set for Rave FM. For this episode Rave FM has it's very first guest DJ and its none other than: DJ Baduga. Listen and experience a refreshing take on progressive techno a la DJ Baduga.

Link to Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/K103/rave-fm-set-2-dj-baduga-200117/

Premier - Set 1 - Time to Rave

Friday the 20th at 20-21 it is premier for the radio-show Rave FM. The host and DJ Margarita will deliver an energetic and heavy set full of mesmerizing and eerie techno. Some well known and more underground tracks will be mixed and matched together in increasing ferocity and bass frequency. Do not miss it!

Listen to the episode here: https://www.mixcloud.com/K103/rave-fm-set-1-margarita-191221/
Follow us on FB: https://www.facebook.com/RadioRaveFM
1. Slam - Vapour
2. Regal - I Need You
3. Ramon Tapia - Last Step [SAWH091]
4. Bjarki - I Wanna Go Bang [TRIP003]
5. Manuel Orf aka Viper XXL - Hexenjagd (Original Mix)
6. Klanglos - Acid Trip (Original mix) [ERROR Records]
7. Perc - Look What Your Love Has Done To Me (Amelie Lens Remix)
8. LTGTR - Psilocybin (Orginal Mix)
9. ROBPM & Candiloro - Amnesia Haze (Original Mix)
10. A*S*Y*S & T78 - AC/ID (Original Mix)

DANGER, Rave music ahead. The host, Margarita, will try her best to hypnotize you with her eerie DJ sets and welcomes beloved guests to the show which also share their mesmerizing mixes. Expect the unexpected, these sets will send your eardrums on a journey to very deep, dark and low frequencies.


Margarita Iljin.


Fredagar 20:00 - 21:00

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