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RaveFM - Ed.22 - Jakob Wojenko

Happy Friday! In one hour a sparkly new edition 22 of Rave FM will be broadcasted and for this edition Rave FM is going live right from the studio together with the next exciting guest: the DJ and producer Jakob Wojenko who is also based here in GBG and the co-founder of Huldra Collective. Tune in at 20:00 for some live banger ravetunes and start of your weekend the right way!

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19th March

Jakob Wojenko
My name is Jakob Wojenko. I'm a dj and producer based in Gothenburg. I'm one of the co-founders and residents of the Huldra Collective, which is a techno collective, also based in Gothenburg! During last year i started to put out some tracks on my personal Bandcamp. I'm mostly inspired by oldschool techno, tribal, hardtechno and schranz. I really love the vibe that old techno tracks have, it's so hard to imitate the sound! As with my productions, my dj:ing is also inspired by the older and rougher parts of techno. I try to dig for new tracks, both digital and vinyl, whenever i have some spare time. The feeling of finding an obscure and unknown banger from the 90's is unbeatable! A big thanks to DJ Margarita for inviting me to her show! Hope you'll like the mix
SC: https://soundcloud.com/jakobwojenko
SC: https://soundcloud.com/huldra-collective
BC: https://jakobwojenko.bandcamp.com/

RaveFM - Ed.21 - Iago Souza

Time flies fast as usual! Or slow if you've been looking forward to a new edition of Rave FM. But alas, edition 21 is finally here and for this one Rave FM has invited none other than the one and only Iago Souza, an exciting producer and DJ from southern Brazil.
Don't miss the episode today, broadcasted, as usual, 20:00 to 21:00 (CET+1) on FM 103,1 / www.k103.se / gnf.nu/audio/103.1/


TIME: 20:00 (GMT +01:00)
WEB: k103.se/ or gnf.nu/audio/103.1/
FM: 103,1

Rave FM - Edition 20 - n9ik

Time flies, and per usual RaveFM has prepared something new and exciting. For edition 20, RaveFM has invited over the drum n’ bass enthusiast, DJ and producer n9ik to share some of his loveliest liquid dnb. So don’t miss this rare occasion and listen to edition 20 of RaveFM broadcasting tomorrow at 20:00-21:00.
Listen to us on:
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Tomorrow, 5th Feb, 20

The DJ and producer, n9ik started out in 2016, sharing along the way some deep and groovy vibes on the dance floor. Although an in and out drum n' bass addict, he often enjoys playing various genres such as house, retro, R&B and chillstep. n9ik’s journey into dnb takes inspiration from artists like Apex, Seba, Mojoman and continues to be inspired by his latest finds in Satl, LSB and perspective Shift. Previously, n9ik has been featured at Boca-Boca, Publik and Stream103. With the new year, n9ik hopes to bring more of liquid drum n' bass sets to the city of Gothenburg. So, keep an eye out if you're a drum n' bass addict too.

SC: https://soundcloud.com/n9iktunes

RaveFM - Ed19 - Eillom b2b die.lina

New year, new Rave FM! Happy 2021!
Last year ended with a bang from DJ Margarita and this year we will kick of with an even better one. For the upcoming edition nr 19 which will be aired today, Rave FM has invited not only one, but two DJs for a b2b experience to dream for! Rave FM is proud to present the two female powerhouse gothenburg-based underground DJs: Eillom b2b die.lina
TIME: 20:00 (GMT +01:00)
WEB: k103.se/ or gnf.nu/audio/103.1/
FM: 103,1
Back in 2018 EILLOM & die.lina met a Ritus party. EILLOM played at the first ever Ritus event and a few months later die.lina played her very first gig at Ritus. The instant realization of having found their musical soulmate led them to start a journey together, defined by friendship, development, constant support and b2b appearances at Apartment @ Sticky Fingers, Café Fluß and other underground parties. In their sets you will find that their love and passion for melodic dark techno is undeniable, with obscure, mysterious pads and dramatic soundscapes, often featuring tracks from labels such as Drumcode, Stil Vor Talent, Terminal M & Tronic.
FB: Eillom and die.lina
Insta: @ dielinamusic @ eillommusic
SC: https://soundcloud.com/dielinamusic
#techno #undergroundmusic #radio #podcast #dj #Rave

Rave FM - Edition 18 - Margarita

The time has come.... for the finale! The end of the year is approaching and man what a year. Rave FM has been honored with so many passionate and great guests sharing a craft they have sweat many many hours over perfecting, all for you, the crowd, the listeners who have equally shared your precious friday evenings raving along each episode. Thank you! Without you Rave FM would be nada, that's nothing in spanish, i think. For the final episode of the year which will be broadcasted live tomorrow at 20:00 (CET+1), I could not think of a better guest than the one who started this madness. So without further ado, let me present the next DJ for episode 18 of Rave FM:
Being the host and producer of the show Rave FM and a full-time scientist, Gothenburg-based DJ Margarita has successful found the component of a memorable radical audio and visual experience: aggressively fun hard techno. Modelling her sets after new old new old new old-school techno she delivers with 303 % joy powerful, punchy, breaky, acidic, sweet and trance-influenced tracks whilst pushing the crowd to keep up with the tempo. Starting out with DnB and jungle music, Margarita continued on to submerged herself into fast-paced and driving rave music, performing at underground and overground places such as Rottweiler, Pustervik, Nefertiti, Hello you, Spike brewery and the radioshows GBG Wax Trax, Disco Kaputt, K103 Deep Sessions and Stream103. So look ahead and get a dose of pure organical and nostalgical musical joy shared by yours truly, Margarita.
Instagram: @ margariita_dj
Facebook: DJ Margarita
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/maggan-iljin/margarita-ravefm-ed18-finale-se

Rave FM - Edition 10 - GuestDJ - tmt

This is edition 10 of Rave FM and for this set Rave FM has the honour to present a Guest DJ and producer all the way from northern Poland, with over 8 years of experience in the techno scene, it is none other than; tmt. Tmt started out with establishing a school radio in a high school where students had the opportunity to present their musical taste. Following the evolution of his own sound, tmt has so far performed at several events in Poland, Germany and Lithuania and usually plays techno, trance and rave music.


Rave FM - set 8 - Eric M (French rave)

This is the 8th set of Rave FM and it is everything you want in rave music. Tune in and enjoy some fun and fast-paced techno and trance from Eric M who digs deep into the french rave style.

Eric M soundcluoud: https://soundcloud.com/eric-mellquist

Rave FM - set 7 - Meow

Oj! Time flies, suddenly there is only a couple of hours left until May's first episode of Rave FM. If you want to have a crazily amazing time by yourself or with ur friends.... then don't miss these banging Räjv-tunes delivered by yours truly, Margarita. M.e.o.w.

Rave FM - set 6 - Margarita

The 6th episode of Rave FM is here! Prepare for some sweet rave bangers in this fun little mix. Made by Margarita

Rave FM - set 5 - Industrial techno

It's April and time for a new set by the self-isolated, yours truly, Margarita
Blow away the dust from your speakers and prepare your eardrums for some hard hitting techno with industrial vibes.
Tomorrow 20.04.03
K103.se / FM (GBG) 103,1/ TuneIn (K103)

Welcome to a Radical Audio and Visual Experience. Rave FM is a radioshow broadcasted once a month, Fridays on FM 103,1 and is produced and hosted by DJ Margarita. RaveFM showcases some of the best DJs and producers in the GBG underground electronic scene.




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