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Rave FM - Edition 18 - Margarita

The time has come.... for the finale! The end of the year is approaching and man what a year. Rave FM has been honored with so many passionate and great guests sharing a craft they have sweat many many hours over perfecting, all for you, the crowd, the listeners who have equally shared your precious friday evenings raving along each episode. Thank you! Without you Rave FM would be nada, that's nothing in spanish, i think. For the final episode of the year which will be broadcasted live tomorrow at 20:00 (CET+1), I could not think of a better guest than the one who started this madness. So without further ado, let me present the next DJ for episode 18 of Rave FM:
Being the host and producer of the show Rave FM and a full-time scientist, Gothenburg-based DJ Margarita has successful found the component of a memorable radical audio and visual experience: aggressively fun hard techno. Modelling her sets after new old new old new old-school techno she delivers with 303 % joy powerful, punchy, breaky, acidic, sweet and trance-influenced tracks whilst pushing the crowd to keep up with the tempo. Starting out with DnB and jungle music, Margarita continued on to submerged herself into fast-paced and driving rave music, performing at underground and overground places such as Rottweiler, Pustervik, Nefertiti, Hello you, Spike brewery and the radioshows GBG Wax Trax, Disco Kaputt, K103 Deep Sessions and Stream103. So look ahead and get a dose of pure organical and nostalgical musical joy shared by yours truly, Margarita.
Instagram: @ margariita_dj
Facebook: DJ Margarita
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/maggan-iljin/margarita-ravefm-ed18-finale-se

Welcome to a Radical Audio and Visual Experience. Rave FM is a radioshow broadcasted once a month, Fridays on FM 103,1 and is produced and hosted by DJ Margarita. RaveFM showcases some of the best DJs and producers in the GBG underground electronic scene.


Margarita Iljin.


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