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RaveFM - Ed19 - Eillom b2b die.lina

New year, new Rave FM! Happy 2021!
Last year ended with a bang from DJ Margarita and this year we will kick of with an even better one. For the upcoming edition nr 19 which will be aired today, Rave FM has invited not only one, but two DJs for a b2b experience to dream for! Rave FM is proud to present the two female powerhouse gothenburg-based underground DJs: Eillom b2b die.lina
TIME: 20:00 (GMT +01:00)
WEB: k103.se/ or gnf.nu/audio/103.1/
FM: 103,1
Back in 2018 EILLOM & die.lina met a Ritus party. EILLOM played at the first ever Ritus event and a few months later die.lina played her very first gig at Ritus. The instant realization of having found their musical soulmate led them to start a journey together, defined by friendship, development, constant support and b2b appearances at Apartment @ Sticky Fingers, Café Fluß and other underground parties. In their sets you will find that their love and passion for melodic dark techno is undeniable, with obscure, mysterious pads and dramatic soundscapes, often featuring tracks from labels such as Drumcode, Stil Vor Talent, Terminal M & Tronic.
FB: Eillom and die.lina
Insta: @ dielinamusic @ eillommusic
SC: https://soundcloud.com/dielinamusic
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Welcome to a Radical Audio and Visual Experience. Rave FM is a radioshow broadcasted once a month, Fridays on FM 103,1 and is produced and hosted by DJ Margarita. RaveFM showcases some of the best DJs and producers in the GBG underground electronic scene.


Margarita Iljin.


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