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Rave FM - Edition 20 - n9ik

Time flies, and per usual RaveFM has prepared something new and exciting. For edition 20, RaveFM has invited over the drum n’ bass enthusiast, DJ and producer n9ik to share some of his loveliest liquid dnb. So don’t miss this rare occasion and listen to edition 20 of RaveFM broadcasting tomorrow at 20:00-21:00.
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FM 103,1
K103 on TuneIn (radioapp)
Tomorrow, 5th Feb, 20

The DJ and producer, n9ik started out in 2016, sharing along the way some deep and groovy vibes on the dance floor. Although an in and out drum n' bass addict, he often enjoys playing various genres such as house, retro, R&B and chillstep. n9ik’s journey into dnb takes inspiration from artists like Apex, Seba, Mojoman and continues to be inspired by his latest finds in Satl, LSB and perspective Shift. Previously, n9ik has been featured at Boca-Boca, Publik and Stream103. With the new year, n9ik hopes to bring more of liquid drum n' bass sets to the city of Gothenburg. So, keep an eye out if you're a drum n' bass addict too.

SC: https://soundcloud.com/n9iktunes

Welcome to a Radical Audio and Visual Experience. Rave FM is a radioshow broadcasted once a month, Fridays on FM 103,1 and is produced and hosted by DJ Margarita. RaveFM showcases some of the best DJs and producers in the GBG underground electronic scene.


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