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RaveFM - Ed.22 - Jakob Wojenko

Happy Friday! In one hour a sparkly new edition 22 of Rave FM will be broadcasted and for this edition Rave FM is going live right from the studio together with the next exciting guest: the DJ and producer Jakob Wojenko who is also based here in GBG and the co-founder of Huldra Collective. Tune in at 20:00 for some live banger ravetunes and start of your weekend the right way!

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19th March

Jakob Wojenko
My name is Jakob Wojenko. I'm a dj and producer based in Gothenburg. I'm one of the co-founders and residents of the Huldra Collective, which is a techno collective, also based in Gothenburg! During last year i started to put out some tracks on my personal Bandcamp. I'm mostly inspired by oldschool techno, tribal, hardtechno and schranz. I really love the vibe that old techno tracks have, it's so hard to imitate the sound! As with my productions, my dj:ing is also inspired by the older and rougher parts of techno. I try to dig for new tracks, both digital and vinyl, whenever i have some spare time. The feeling of finding an obscure and unknown banger from the 90's is unbeatable! A big thanks to DJ Margarita for inviting me to her show! Hope you'll like the mix
SC: https://soundcloud.com/jakobwojenko
SC: https://soundcloud.com/huldra-collective
BC: https://jakobwojenko.bandcamp.com/

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