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Saturday April 20th, 2013

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April 20th Featured Artists: Aiden Knight, Neil Young, Kain, Ane Brun, J'aime
RTSOTW: Prosciutto Manchego on Baguette

Greetings Passengerrrz!
What a line up we have for you this week - from Legend Neil Young, to Young artist J'aime, to a french band that will make you say, "Putain! J'aime ça!"

This week we were really in the zone! It felt like so long ago that we had to part ways with ex-guest host, Sir Dave, but this week so many NEW stories were ripe for the telling! … like adventure fruits, dangling in the air, wanting to be shared on the air, so you could hear why George missed his flight from Ryanair, and why Gabe didn't care, because his destination - well he actually got there! …not to mention, he cut his hair… and oh baby does it ever look Swedish - and very Ryan Gosling!

We are happy to enhance this weeks Road Trip experience by encouraging you to check out the corresponding PHOTOS of the adventures we tried to convey on the radio. George uploaded a few albums to Facebook while Gabe's photos are on the way… will post links soon! But you can observe photos of Gabe's new Spanish tan in a "before and after" sequence at the bottom of this blog.
Can you tell which photo is showing Gabe's New True Colours? If you guessed Neither, You're absolutely right! He's neither oompa loompa orange nor is he ghostly white. He's just good old Golden Gabe.

See George's attempt to sport a french moustache IN France when he went to go see his sister:

George and some international friends took a Road Trip exploring the NORWEGIAN REGION:

And as promised, check out this weeks featured young artist, J'aime!
Her website is looking great, just in time for her new album:

Thanks for reading, browsing and listening everybody!

Happy travels <3 ! $ :o ! Boo ya.


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Road Trip features Guest Host: Sir David Lawless!

Saturday April 6th and 13th, 2013

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but to relive the experience..
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April 6th Featured Artists: Rufus Wainwright, First Rate People, Hayden Stewart, Daniel Bélanger, Jose Gonzalez
RTSOTW: Tomato-Bacon-Mayo Tuna Sandwiches [Road Trip Certified]

April 13th Featured Artists: Blue Rodeo, Our Shotgun Wedding, Vallières, The Tallest Man On Earth
RTSOTW: Wensleydale and Blue Cheese on Crustless Whole Grain [Road Trip Certified]

Hej HEj!

Road Trip has picked up a hitchhiker! Oxford scholar and fellow-Canuck, Dave Lawless, joined George and Gabe in the studio for back to back episodes of Road Trip! Together, the three hosts discussed Swedish/Canadian differences, from pop music to yogurt containers. In Canada, Dave spends a lot of time producing YouTube Musical sensations, such as his most recent creation, "We Be Dumpsta Divng - Dumpster Dive Rap" [video below]. A thriving dumpster diving culture is actually something that Sweden and Canada have in common. How's that you ask? Well within both countries, you can find thriving communities of dumpster divers who save perfectly eatable food from supermarket dumpsters. Whether it's IGA in Canada or ICA in Sweden, a great way to feed you and your road trip commerades might be making a stop at the dumpster! Not to mention, it's Free! Dumpster Diving is especially popular in the Northern Nations, where the cold temperatures of countries like Sweden and Canada act as a preserving climate for food that isn't pretty enough for display in stores. That's right, winter dumpsters are capable of preserving food just as well as an power-using freezer! For many people reading this, dumpster diving may seem like a stretch, but many divers around the world have made a science out of it. Dive on divers!

Coming back to the show, we got to hear from a few up and coming Ontarian artists including, First Rate People, Our Shotgun Wedding and Hayden Stewart [videos below]. Be sure to google them for more music or send us a message if you want to be put in touch with the artists directly!
We've been getting messages and suggestions on the Road Trip Facebook page and WE LOVE IT!
Help us expand our repertoire of Road Tripping music by sending us a link to your favourite Canadian/Swedish music. Be sure to listen to Road Trip live every saturday at

Once again, listen to the latest Road Trips featuring Dave Lawless:
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Hej då (See ya Bye!)

G & G

RTSOTW (Road Trip Sanwich of the Week): Avocado Tomato and Mint Sandwiches on Rye Bread - March 30th, 2013

Listen to the LATEST EPISODE OF ROAD TRIP (Episode 3):

This week's featured artists: Hoffmaestro & Chraa, Tegan & Sara, Bran Van 3000, Jonathan Painchaud


Unlike Star Wars episode III, episode 3 of Road Trip might just be our best one yet… it's definitely in our top 3.

Hopefully by now, that intro riff at the beginning of the show is sinking in and symbolizing the start of a half-hour musical road trip that makes you feel gooood! If that 10 seconds of electric guitar is your favourite part of the show, we're not at all offended. If you didn't already know, Road Trip's official intro music is the rocking work of Nova Scotia, Canada band, The Town Heroes. A big congratulations goes out to Mike and Bruce of The Town Heroes as they were just signed with their first label last week! To check out more "Town Heroes" music, immediately click on this link to their website:

Also, if you haven't noticed, every episode of Road Trip (except the first one) features a new signature road trip sandwich of the week (an RTSOTW). These sandwiches are always road trip certified for your very own road trip. The recipes will be very simple… in fact, they'll be so simple that all the ingredients will always be found in the title of the sandwich. For all of our gluten free and vegetarian listeners out there, we encourage you to adjust the ingredients and bread types as you deem necessary. Remember, hungry passengers are not only annoying - they are also more likely to play bad music… so always have a cooler full of your favourite road trip sandwiches!

But the show goes on… Gabriel and George welcome you back to the third official edition of Road Trip. This week the journey began in Sweden as we kicked the show off with a contemporary CLASSIC Road Tripping tune by a Swedish band called Hoffmaestro & Chraa. The live acoustic version of their song "Highwayman" can be marvelled at in the video posted below.

This week also features Gabe and George's personal opinions on what it's like to Road Trip in Sweden and why it's not quiiiite the same as road tripping through Canada. For starters, Tim Hortons is replaced by 7/11… and that's only just the beginning.

You can have a listen to the past episodes that you missed by clicking the links below, and don't forget to tune in to K103 every Saturday at 3:03pm (Swedish Time) to listen to Road Trip Live on the Gothenburg Radio 103.1 or live from the website:

Listen to Episode 2 of Road Trip:

Listen to Episode 1 of Road Trip:

Hej då

G & G

Hoffmaestro & Chraa performing Highwayman:

I heard the voice of Gabriel: Road Trip Take 2

The Road Trip continues and it's never too late to join! The March 23rd edition has taken Road Trip to a whole new level! How, you ask? Well for the first time, our listeners will be graced with the voice of Road Trips other driver: Mr. Gabriel Lafond-Wise. And boy can he drive!

But there's still lots of room in the back for YOU! And there's never been more ways to join the Road Trip and get your weekly dose of Canadanavian (Canadian/Scandinavian) music. The chemistry between George and Gabe is working well in the front seats, but we need people behind us to make it a real road trip. As a passenger of Road Trip, you can:

- Pass us the weekly sandwich from the official virtual Road Trip cooler.
- Kick back and enjoy the ride
- Not have to pay for Gas at all
- And you can even do some backseat driving by e-mailing or face booking us with your requests/stories/comments/questions/and ideas. You can make an audio recording of yourself admiring something that you saw out of the window, and we'll make sure it gets on air.

Joint the Road Trip with Gabe and George and

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Now get your visual fix of this weeks hand picked road trippin' videos:

THIS WEEKS SWEDISH PICK: Gothenburg's own "Little Dragon". A live version of "Shuffle a Dream".

THIS WEEKS CANADIAN PICK: Dan Mangan's 2009 tune, "Road Regrets"... Ultimate Canadian Road Trippin Material.

Premier 15.00 today: Road Trip Take One!

Loyal listeners, welcome to the Road Trip Blog where George and Gabe will post a few weekly words about our weekly show - and maybe the odd video so you can also visualy stimulate your desire to hit the road!

But before we go any further, a brief introduction is certainly in order.

~ ~ FAQ style! ~ ~

What is K103?
K103 is Gothenburg's #1 Student Radio station, made up mostly of dedicated English/Swedish speaking volunteers who have a message and/or a song that needs to be broadcasted to the world on the K103's premium frequency --> 103.1.

What is Road Trip? … and when too?
It's a half hour of Rollin' power every Saturday at 3pm on K103 Student Radio.
It is also possible to listen to uploaded episodes of Road Trip on the internet. You can do this at your own geographical and schedulinglyical convenience.

Why "Road Trip"?
Road Tripping is one of Canada's favourite pastimes/methods of motion. If Canadians want to go somewhere, they tend to drive since planes and trains are typically much more expensive compared to Europe. These highway voyages are commonly referred to as trips, which tend to happen on (but are not limited to) roads. To road trip is to be the master of your own destiny. Canadian road trip's are famously used to bond friendships, experience cultural landscapes, dissolve friendships, cause back problems and repair friendships. But most importantly, road tripping is the ultimate way to get to know the heart and soul of self, friends, land and song.

Fun fact: To drive from one side of Sweden to the other without stopping takes approximately 4 hours. In Canada, it takes 4 hours to buy snacks, go pee, fill up, and get on the highway. It takes approximately 4 days, 17 litres of coffee and 700 litres of gas to drive across the country without stopping. This radio program has been developed by uncertified Canadian roadtrippers to bring Northern Europeans the most efficient, motivating, poetic combination of melodies that have been unclinically proven to help people tackle journey's of epic proportion without the use of a single airplane.

What kind of music will you play on Road Trip?
We will play 4 songs every week that we highly recommend to you as your travel doctors if you are planning on driving for more than 5 minutes any time in the next rest of your life. These songs will feature both Canadian and Swedish artists who we believe fit the bill of a Northern Road Trip.

Who are you?
Don't you mean, who are We?! That's right, there are two official hosts of K103's weekly Road Trip. And like it or not, they're both Canadian. He and George

George Woodhouse is from Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada. He is the founder and co-host of Road Trip. As an international student at Gothenburg University, George is trying his best to drink in the the rich and savoury Swedish culture while also representing Canada and his home-school of Dalhousie University. George studies French and Sociology in the class room, but elsewhere, he studies the art of Road Tripping and the science of entertainingly awkward communication. Stay tuned for his most recent experiment platform: Radio.

Gabriel Lafond-Wise is from Gatineau, Quebec, Canada. His bio piece is much more interesting than George's and requires more thorough research and preparation. Check back soon for everything you've always wanted to know about Gabriel Lafond-Wise. But just to wet your appetite, Gabriel is a Scorpio.

Can I listen to Road Trip on the internet?

Should I listen to Road Trip?

Will Road Trip make me want to leave where I am and go anywhere else just for the sake of getting there?
Eventually… yes.

Can I e-mail the Road Trip team with questions, stories and recommendations when I'm not driving a motorized vehicle?
Yes, please do!

Every week we will post video links to the songs featured that week on Road Trip. This week we apologize for the lack of Gabe and Swedish Music.
It's likely that we'll post a live or acoustic version of the featured songs here on the blog just to change it up a bit - Youtube simply offers us too many irresistible options.

Fasten yer seatbelts and welcome to Road Trip! This program takes you on a weekly musical journey from Western Canada to Northern Europe. On Road Trip, we may not know where we’re going, but you’ll love the sound of how we get there. Tune in for a weekly dose of Canadian/Swedish music that is handpicked to inspire your very own Road Trip across Canada and Scandinavia, or as we like to call it, Canadanavia. So it’s time to get outta town and roll down the windows. Let the Road Trip begin!


Gabriel Lafond-Wise och George Woodhouse.

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