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Saturday April 20th, 2013

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April 20th Featured Artists: Aiden Knight, Neil Young, Kain, Ane Brun, J'aime
RTSOTW: Prosciutto Manchego on Baguette

Greetings Passengerrrz!
What a line up we have for you this week - from Legend Neil Young, to Young artist J'aime, to a french band that will make you say, "Putain! J'aime ça!"

This week we were really in the zone! It felt like so long ago that we had to part ways with ex-guest host, Sir Dave, but this week so many NEW stories were ripe for the telling! … like adventure fruits, dangling in the air, wanting to be shared on the air, so you could hear why George missed his flight from Ryanair, and why Gabe didn't care, because his destination - well he actually got there! …not to mention, he cut his hair… and oh baby does it ever look Swedish - and very Ryan Gosling!

We are happy to enhance this weeks Road Trip experience by encouraging you to check out the corresponding PHOTOS of the adventures we tried to convey on the radio. George uploaded a few albums to Facebook while Gabe's photos are on the way… will post links soon! But you can observe photos of Gabe's new Spanish tan in a "before and after" sequence at the bottom of this blog.
Can you tell which photo is showing Gabe's New True Colours? If you guessed Neither, You're absolutely right! He's neither oompa loompa orange nor is he ghostly white. He's just good old Golden Gabe.

See George's attempt to sport a french moustache IN France when he went to go see his sister:

George and some international friends took a Road Trip exploring the NORWEGIAN REGION:

And as promised, check out this weeks featured young artist, J'aime!
Her website is looking great, just in time for her new album:

Thanks for reading, browsing and listening everybody!

Happy travels <3 ! $ :o ! Boo ya.


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Fasten yer seatbelts and welcome to Road Trip! This program takes you on a weekly musical journey from Western Canada to Northern Europe. On Road Trip, we may not know where we’re going, but you’ll love the sound of how we get there. Tune in for a weekly dose of Canadian/Swedish music that is handpicked to inspire your very own Road Trip across Canada and Scandinavia, or as we like to call it, Canadanavia. So it’s time to get outta town and roll down the windows. Let the Road Trip begin!


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