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Road Trip features Guest Host: Sir David Lawless!

Saturday April 6th and 13th, 2013

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April 6th Featured Artists: Rufus Wainwright, First Rate People, Hayden Stewart, Daniel Bélanger, Jose Gonzalez
RTSOTW: Tomato-Bacon-Mayo Tuna Sandwiches [Road Trip Certified]

April 13th Featured Artists: Blue Rodeo, Our Shotgun Wedding, Vallières, The Tallest Man On Earth
RTSOTW: Wensleydale and Blue Cheese on Crustless Whole Grain [Road Trip Certified]

Hej HEj!

Road Trip has picked up a hitchhiker! Oxford scholar and fellow-Canuck, Dave Lawless, joined George and Gabe in the studio for back to back episodes of Road Trip! Together, the three hosts discussed Swedish/Canadian differences, from pop music to yogurt containers. In Canada, Dave spends a lot of time producing YouTube Musical sensations, such as his most recent creation, "We Be Dumpsta Divng - Dumpster Dive Rap" [video below]. A thriving dumpster diving culture is actually something that Sweden and Canada have in common. How's that you ask? Well within both countries, you can find thriving communities of dumpster divers who save perfectly eatable food from supermarket dumpsters. Whether it's IGA in Canada or ICA in Sweden, a great way to feed you and your road trip commerades might be making a stop at the dumpster! Not to mention, it's Free! Dumpster Diving is especially popular in the Northern Nations, where the cold temperatures of countries like Sweden and Canada act as a preserving climate for food that isn't pretty enough for display in stores. That's right, winter dumpsters are capable of preserving food just as well as an power-using freezer! For many people reading this, dumpster diving may seem like a stretch, but many divers around the world have made a science out of it. Dive on divers!

Coming back to the show, we got to hear from a few up and coming Ontarian artists including, First Rate People, Our Shotgun Wedding and Hayden Stewart [videos below]. Be sure to google them for more music or send us a message if you want to be put in touch with the artists directly!
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G & G

Fasten yer seatbelts and welcome to Road Trip! This program takes you on a weekly musical journey from Western Canada to Northern Europe. On Road Trip, we may not know where we’re going, but you’ll love the sound of how we get there. Tune in for a weekly dose of Canadian/Swedish music that is handpicked to inspire your very own Road Trip across Canada and Scandinavia, or as we like to call it, Canadanavia. So it’s time to get outta town and roll down the windows. Let the Road Trip begin!


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