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RTSOTW (Road Trip Sanwich of the Week): Avocado Tomato and Mint Sandwiches on Rye Bread - March 30th, 2013

Listen to the LATEST EPISODE OF ROAD TRIP (Episode 3):

This week's featured artists: Hoffmaestro & Chraa, Tegan & Sara, Bran Van 3000, Jonathan Painchaud


Unlike Star Wars episode III, episode 3 of Road Trip might just be our best one yet… it's definitely in our top 3.

Hopefully by now, that intro riff at the beginning of the show is sinking in and symbolizing the start of a half-hour musical road trip that makes you feel gooood! If that 10 seconds of electric guitar is your favourite part of the show, we're not at all offended. If you didn't already know, Road Trip's official intro music is the rocking work of Nova Scotia, Canada band, The Town Heroes. A big congratulations goes out to Mike and Bruce of The Town Heroes as they were just signed with their first label last week! To check out more "Town Heroes" music, immediately click on this link to their website:

Also, if you haven't noticed, every episode of Road Trip (except the first one) features a new signature road trip sandwich of the week (an RTSOTW). These sandwiches are always road trip certified for your very own road trip. The recipes will be very simple… in fact, they'll be so simple that all the ingredients will always be found in the title of the sandwich. For all of our gluten free and vegetarian listeners out there, we encourage you to adjust the ingredients and bread types as you deem necessary. Remember, hungry passengers are not only annoying - they are also more likely to play bad music… so always have a cooler full of your favourite road trip sandwiches!

But the show goes on… Gabriel and George welcome you back to the third official edition of Road Trip. This week the journey began in Sweden as we kicked the show off with a contemporary CLASSIC Road Tripping tune by a Swedish band called Hoffmaestro & Chraa. The live acoustic version of their song "Highwayman" can be marvelled at in the video posted below.

This week also features Gabe and George's personal opinions on what it's like to Road Trip in Sweden and why it's not quiiiite the same as road tripping through Canada. For starters, Tim Hortons is replaced by 7/11… and that's only just the beginning.

You can have a listen to the past episodes that you missed by clicking the links below, and don't forget to tune in to K103 every Saturday at 3:03pm (Swedish Time) to listen to Road Trip Live on the Gothenburg Radio 103.1 or live from the website:

Listen to Episode 2 of Road Trip:

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Hej då

G & G

Hoffmaestro & Chraa performing Highwayman:

Fasten yer seatbelts and welcome to Road Trip! This program takes you on a weekly musical journey from Western Canada to Northern Europe. On Road Trip, we may not know where we’re going, but you’ll love the sound of how we get there. Tune in for a weekly dose of Canadian/Swedish music that is handpicked to inspire your very own Road Trip across Canada and Scandinavia, or as we like to call it, Canadanavia. So it’s time to get outta town and roll down the windows. Let the Road Trip begin!


Gabriel Lafond-Wise och George Woodhouse.

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