Rock-It Launch Goes Live!!

This week, we're broadcasting live!! Listen in at 15:30 today for your chance to call in, make some requests or simply have a nice conversation about how your Rockin summer is going!! Listen in, Rock out, Take it easy, this week on Rock-It Launch.

New Release Week

I've been playing some older songs here and there for the last few weeks, so I decided that this week will be dedicated to some new releases. Listen in Friday at 15:30 and Saturday at 13:30 for some fresh new Rock hits! Only on your weekly Rock-It Launch!

Acoustic Rock Hits

All Rock songs started out on the acoustic guitar, whether it be on the tour bus or in the garage. This week we celebrate some the Acoustic greats on Rock-It Launch!

Hard Hitting Rock 'n' Roll

Nothing too special this week, but that doesn't mean we're not going to get you head banging and feet stompin'. We're playing some hard hitting rock 'n' roll this week with your name on it. This week, on Rock-It Launch!!

90's Alternative Rock Week

Rock-It Launch goes back to its younger years to visit some of the best rock from the 1990s. From Nirvana, to Stone Temple Pilots and from Sublime to Rage Against the Machine, we're rocking out 90s Alternative Rock Style! Listen in, Rock out, only on your weekly Rock-It Launch!

Classic Rock Special with Fredrik

This week it's back to the oldies but goldies with our good friend Fredrik. Listen in today (04\10) at 15:30 or tomrrow (05/10) at 14:30 and Rock out! Only on your weekly Rock-It Launch!!

Rock-It Launch is back for Season 2!

Start your weekend off Rockin' with me, Andy Soderberg-Rivkin, as I start a new season of sending your sense from here to the end of the atmosphere!

Vinyl Discovery!!

This week, I had the pleasure to go through the Vinyl library over at K103 and found a few gems that I had to play. Listen this Friday and be prepared to Rock out to some of the most interesting vinyl discoveries, only on Rock-It Launch!

No New Metallica Album till 2015?

Lars Ulrich talks to South African news source saying that Metallica probably won't release another album for two years. Good thing? Bad thing? Maybe the long running band needs the break. Check out more below from

New Hits Rock Block

There are so many new rock hits that just recently came out that I have no choice to play them. Hear some of the new hits from bands like 30 Seconds to Mars, Sevendust, Fallout Boy and many more, this week on Rock-It Launch!!

Launching your senses out of our atmosphere with yesterday and today’s best Rock ‘n’ Roll. From the bands you know and love to the bands that haven’t made it to the public spotlight, we got the music that’ll give you the wild ride you deserve to start the weekend off right. Launching every Friday from 15:30 to 16:00 and every Saturday from 13:30 - 14:00, only on K103.



Andy Söderberg-Rivkin.

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