Round Table with Kristian & Nod

This week it's a total free for all. Anything goes. Expect the unexpected or don't.

Round Table on @ 22:00

Round Table with Rodi & Nick

This week we have local hip-hop producer Rodi in the studio, as well as Round Table favourite Nick aka Dead Note.

Note to be missed (aha!)

Tonight @ 22:00 on

Round Table with Stina Ljungkvist

Joining us in the studio this week is Stina Ljundkvist a local music producer, disc jokey and co host of the notoriously fantastic Klubb Zättigung.

More information about the Klubb here:

To listen Stina's music here:

Round Table Wednesday @ 22:00

Round Table with Janne & Svea

Joining us in the studio this week are Janne and Svea. Two gals from Germany who will be giving us a tour of their favourite tunes and indulging us with some improv chat.

Live @ 22:00 (GMT+1)

Round Table with Dan & Erica

Hello all. This week we will be heading down under as Dan & Erica join us in the studio to play some the best tracks Australia has to offer. Expect swearing.

Wednesday @ 22:00

Round Table with Stefan & Nick

Waz up. This week we have a hip-hop special lined up for you lucky people. Two experts in game will be joining me to play some of the sickest hip-hop ever made and chat about stuff.

Wednesday @ 2200

Round Table with Joan Martorell

Hello. This is the 3rd Round Table and this week we have Senor Martorell - straight outta Barna - to keep us company and explore the world of music. What delights will there be on offer? I have no idea.

Round Table with Charlie Rose

Hello everyone, this week Chalrie Rose from Tunbridge Wells, England joins us on the Round Table to share his music with us and talk in English accents.

Round Table Wednesday @ 22:00

Round Table with Yann Baggins

Hello all. The first live broadcast of Round Table goes out this evening at 2200 hours. Our distinguished guest this week is Mr. Yann Baggins of Bordeux, France. Expect an eclectic mix of songs and equally varied conversation about France, biology and life maaaaannn.

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