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Shining Star with The RHYMES Band

Tjena! Gladly present our first guest from Uppsala, Sweden, the city of students, The Rhymes Band!
Elevator EP is Out Now!

Listen to the podcast here:

Starting their band in the student housing, two of the band members Tomas Rimeika (vocalist) and Oscar Lindeberg (bassist) will share their personal journey of self-love as public performers and overcome stage fever. Also, they will give you tips on how to make your 'piece' known and perhaps can go international like them? The Rhymes has their tour around Europe and admitted that they have a big love for Uppsala as they think is the warmest welcome city! Surprisingly, our host Nada got an interesting question from Tomas which never happened in any episode before! Listen to this #26 delightful podcast with The Rhymes only on Shining Star, a Journey of Self Love!

Songs in this episode:
Never Collide, Atomic Spring, & Autobahn by The Rhymes
Listen on Elevator EP

About The Rhymes
The Rhymes releases Elevator EP

The Rhymes drop Elevator, the first EP of the Swedish stage dive poppers. An elevation of the experience since the celebrated self-titled debut album of 2020, with songs about the climate crisis, death, intimacy, and moving on.

- We recorded the four songs this Summer. Our Swedish tour and German tour had been canceled, so we had an abundance of time, both no income from gigs.

A crowdfunding campaign saved the band, and the four songs of the EP could be finished thanks to the devoted support of fans.

- The sound of the EP is 90's Swindle music discovering arena rock and getting hubris. It sounds like Wannadies supporting Bruce Springsteen at Olympiastadion. We are so grateful for the support from our fans, and these songs belong to them.

During the band's live shows the audience often gets invited onstage, and this borderless feeling lifts the sound of the EP:

- The songs on Elevator are about taking off, together and by yourself. But also elevating those who've left us and realize how they've lifted us.

The Rhymes's self-titled debut album was praised for its energy and melodies in both Swedish and German press, and the album singles rotated on Swedish radio and were played in German, American, and Austrian radio.

The Rhymes have since formed in 2016 had almost 100 gigs in England, Germany, Norway, Finland, and Sweden, among them supporting Mando Diao at sold out 1 650 capacity venue Cirkus in Stockholm.

The Rhymes about the track ’get High Buy Clothes’:
’’This song is about the consciously blind person. The one that is an online shopaholic, loving the fact that the Summers are getting longer and warmer, and whose life won’t be defined by the existential crisis of climate change. We wanted to write a chorus that this kind of person happily sings along to and melodies that vibrated from that kind of carelessness.’’

The Rhymes about the track Autobahn:
This song is about moving on. The moment when you've just turned the page and see your former self fade away while new goals appear on the horizon.

The song was created when Tomas, singer in the Rhymes, asked the group's producer Kevin Hamring, who just lost his dad to a struggle with mental illness, to write the lyrics of the song.

This song is a way to welcome change, and appreciate what you've been through.

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Shining Star Episode 25 with SOMA

hyvää kesää! This summer Nada having a special guest, a former Eurovision contestant from Finland SOMA

Listen to the podcast:

SOMA, a singer-songwriter who grew up with Kurdish Parents and is now based in Stockholm, recently released her new single "In the Night". Soma will share her story of being a public figure while at the same time still finding her identity as a teenage girl. But, did she enjoy having big responsibility as a professional artist? Listen to her amazing thought about social media and viewers which do not validate your hard work!
"We should have a secret vow that social media will not makes us a prisoner of how we see ourselves" - SOMA

Get inspired tonite with Soma and your host Nada only on Shining Star, a Journey of Self Love!

In The Night — Soma

Stockholm-based musician Soma last appeared on these pages last year with her effervescent single, Slow, which energetically portrayed the experience of cautiously moving on from someone.

What struck me about Slow was the way it still felt like it hinted at possibility and hope, whilst dealing with a topic that ultimately invokes sadness. In a sense, In The Night picks up where that song left off, in that it shimmers with an exciting sense of possibility. Where Slow was about letting go and moving on emotionally, In The Night is a tribute to humanity, and more specifically our bodies. Describing the song, and the significance of its release now, Soma says:

“This is a song I’ve had with me for the past 3 years. It has seen many phases, several different productional styles, and finally found its form on the cusp of the pandemic that we’ve all come to know so well. In March 2020, I made the decision to put the release on hold. At a time when the world was, and still is, struggling to cope with deep shock, friends and family members losing their jobs, and some of their health and lives, a song that so brutally celebrated the body felt like a sin.

“Today, the same song that started out as a catchy tune with no remarkable depth, is nothing short of a tribute to our magnificent human bodies. Big or small, confined or free to move, in pain or in bliss, our human bodies are the containers and the pure expressions of life stories. From our nearly unbearable intergenerational trauma to our secret one-night-stands.”

In The Night is the first track Soma has produced herself and comes in advance of her upcoming EP, Make Me Human.

Songs in Episode 25 by SOMA (copyrighted):
In the Night

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Guest: SOMA
Host & Producer: Nada Alichiah

Shining Star - a Journey of Self Love

Shining Star Episode 24 with Arjan Verdooren

Deze aflevering met GU-docent uit Nederland, Arjan Verdooren!

Listen to the podcast here:

Arjan Verdooren is born and bred in Amsterdam, where he has worked as a consultant, trainer in intercultural communication and diversity issues. Since 2016 he lives in Gothenburg, where has lectured in the Master in Communication program at Gothenburg University. In 2018 he published the book ‘Diversity Competence-Cultures Don’t Meet, People Do’ together with Edwin Hoffman.
Stay tuned & find out Arjan's talent as a musician, "DanJan", & what he meant by normalizing in terms of intercultural communication?
*Fun fact: he has a close family history with Garut, Indonesia! Listen to the full story of his self-love journey Only on Shining Star eps.24 with Nada Alichiah.

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Songs in this episode:
Kendrick Lamar - I
Donny Hathaway - Someday We'll All Be Free

Shining Star-a Journey of Self Love
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Shining Star Episode 23 with Laszlo Jones

'In the Morning' by Laszlo Jones Out Now on Every Platform!

Listen to the podcast here:

On April 30, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer Laszlo Jones releases a long-awaited single, 'In the Morning'. He is assisted by producer and bassist Michael Buens (The Gathering, Eric Serra, Atrocity, Life Of Agony). The song also features Ralph Salmins (Abba, Madonna, Quincy Jones, Lady Gaga) drums, Micael Arrom (Steve Vai) piano. All mixed by Kane Churko (In This Moment, 5 Finger Death Punch, Ozzy Osbourne, Papa Roach, Skillet, Disturbed) in The Hideout studio in Las Vegas.
"The song is about the contrast between the atrocities that take place at night and how the calm settles in the morning at sunrise," says Laszlo Jones
In The Morning is taken from Laszlo Jones' upcoming EP Beyond The Door which is scheduled to be released this fall and contains five songs. All the songs are about the inevitable, death from a hallucinatory perspective. Here we meet the Laszlo Jones universe, a futuristic dark world colored by anger and a certain realism.

About Laszlo
Gilles Jan Petersen aka Laszlo Jones is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer born in Beirut, Lebanon from a Dutch father and a Lebanese mother. When Laszlo was little, the family moved often. They lived in everything from Bangkok to Beirut. This has contributed to Laszlo's enormous need to be free. Growing up, he played everything from rock to metal in several different bands. Later in life, he started a brand agency for music in France and a production company that produced film music. Lazlo's first album Banana Nation was released in 2011 via Universal Music in France. The album became a hit with a million streams just for the video Download Me I'm Free.

When Laszlo composes music today, it is his five senses that control the music in a critical but playful way. He often writes music about the world and his insatiable sense of freedom. He describes his songwriting as a search for melodies and lyrics along with a unique sound.

It was together with his friend, producer, and bassist Michael Buens (The Gathering, Eric Serra, Atrocity, Life Of Gaony) in Paris that Laszlo started working on his new EP project Beyond The Door. He was joined by international musicians such as Ralph Salmins (Abba, Madonna, Quincy Jones, Lady Gaga) on drums, New York pianist Micael Arrom (Steve Vai), Argentine, and arranger Marcos Barilari. All mixed by Kane Churko (In This Moment, 5 Finger Death Punch, Ozzy Osbourne, Papa Roach, Skillet, Disturbed) at The Hideout Stadium in Las Vegas.

Listen to the Rock Star's deep thought about self-love, insecurity & what his advice if you want to start over and do what your true passion is!
"Focus on the present too if you don't want to Shit your life!" - Laszlo Jones
Only on of Shining Star, a Journey of Self Love
Tuesday 8 PM

Songs in this episode In the Morning & Spinning Around by Laszlo Jones
Guest: @laszlojones
PR: @enmusamusic
Host & Producer:Nada Alichiah @nadalichiahv
Operator: Ludvig @lolomokakus

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Shining Star Episode 22 with Judith Owen

Yay! This Tuesday @nadalichiahv having international artist @judithowenmusic & this episode feels like a therapy session with a Realistic's love guru
Fun fact:
Did you know back then, Judith's was appeared in one of The Simpson's episodes as herself performing 'Walking to Hell and Back Again'! And her husband is the Simpson's voice-over legend, Harry Shearer!!

Listen to the podcast here:

Judith Owen is a global performer from Wales, UK, whose stylistic range spans rock, pop, classical, jazz, blues, and musical theatre. She is also a comedic actress and master storyteller
Her new single “(What If God Was) One Of Us” was released on April 2021 and it's an amazing re-make by Judith (written by Eric Brazilian) which she watched the song performed by the original artist in Stockholm!

“(What If God Was) One Of Us”

Just when I thought I’d heard it all, Judith Owen comes along and breathes yet another level of life into a little song I did one night while my wife was sleeping on the sofa.” Eric Bazilian

Digital single release date – 2nd April 2021 (Good Friday for Easter)
Pianist, singer-songwriter entertainer Judith Owen is famous for her diverse and genre-bending covers over the years. This time around, and seemingly poignantly timely… Joan Osborne’s Grammy-nominated record and song of the year the ’90s hit single “(What If God Was) One Of Us” - written by Eric Bazilian of the Hooters.

The elegance of vocal, piano, cello, and percussion dramatically migrate the modern standard into the story re-told.

“Easter Sunday seemed like the perfect day to release my version of this beautifully existential song that ironically encompasses Christ’s humane teachings. I remember hearing it for the first time and agreeing with every sentiment as someone who believes that heaven is on earth, in the here and now, not the hereafter, that “God” is in all things, and that if we’re to believe he made us in his image, surely he‘d be as flawed and beautifully damaged as the rest of us. And perhaps more poignantly, this song suggests that if he, like Christ, were to walk amongst us, would we even recognize, want, or like him if he came as an imperfect messy human and not a king?”

“Like I said...the perfect song about faith and humanity on an Easter Sunday.”

“Recording this track with long-time collaborator John Fischbach (Stevie Wonder, Cassandra Wilson) was made more special by meeting and garnering the love of its writer Eric Bazilian, for what I’d done with his unique vision. Recording it in a converted chapel (NOLA’s Esplanade Studio) definitely added to the “heavenly” sound, having taken the song to a pure place musically, with my “ever-turning” classical piano, cello, and timpani arrangement, that underscored and highlighted the lyrics, the timelessness of this story, and the wonder and beauty to be found even in the smallest, most inconsequential thing.”

Produced by Judith Owen and Grammy Award-winning John Fischbach, the track features Pedro Segundo on percussion and Helen Gillet on cello.

The upcoming 2021 album “Both Things Are True” features Judith originals “I Still Dream of America,” “Second Hand Sexbot” with “Hold My Hand” (a Jess Glynne cover), and the 2020 release of “September’ (Earth Wind & Fire.)

“(What If God Was) One Of Us’ - reimagined - a compelling story retold, re-sung, and redone in the words and wise of the fabulous Judith Owen.

All in this 22nd episode of Shining Star_k103 Gothenburg Student Radio 20.00 CET, on 103.1FM &

Songs in this episode:
(What if God was) One of Us & Hold my Hand by Judith Owen
Available on every online platform
Copyright: Twanky Records
PR: Enmusa music
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Guest: @judithowenmusic
Host & Producer: @nadalichiahv @shiningstarbysinada
Operator: @lolomokakus

Shining Star, a Journey of Self Love

Shining Star Episode 21 with Nina Mussolini-Hansson (Bagus Föreningen)

Halo semua! tonight is a special episode about Indonesia! we are having Nina Mussolini-Hansson, board member of Indonesian culture association based in Malmo, Svensk-Indonesiska Bagus Föreningen.

Listen to the podcast here:

Bagus är bra på Svenska. Founded in 2017, Nina will tell us why so important to share Indonesian culture in Scandinavia and how she ended up in Sweden over 20 years ago and married founder & Chairman Bagus Hans Hansson who had love at first sight with Indonesia. Since then Bagus has performed Indonesian dance all over Sweden and sharing also their culinary for free!

Fun fact:
Recently Bagus also joined an International folklore competition!
Did you know Bali is just one of the provinces out of 34 beautiful provinces in Indonesia? and btw if you live in Malmo, catch up with Bagus and you may lucky enough to taste Nina's 'rendang'!Check more about Bagus and be a member for more information.
Semuanya ada di episode 21 malam ini jam 20.00 CET
Shining Star - a Journey of Self Love
103.1FM K103 Gothenburg Student Radio

Guest: @ninamussolinihansson
Host& Producer: @nadalichiahv
Operator: @lolo_mokakus

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Shining Star Episode 20 with Anes Cherigue - Femyso Sweden (Ramadan & Eid El-Fitri Special Edition)

Assalamualaikum! Ramadan Mubarak! The fasting month is almost over, and for those who are curious what Islam is and why Muslims fast for a month every year. In this episode, we are having Anes Cherigui, Arabic literature Student at GU, coming from Algeria, who is part of FEMYSO (Forum of European Muslim Youth and Student Organisations)in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Listen to the podcast here:

Anes will share 'his version of' best Ramadan'as as a minority and the interesting concept of 'Shadaqah' or charity in a way to understanding how important is to love yourself. Listen to this special episode to getting to know more about FEMYSO which anyone from any background can involve in their program and activities. All in Shining Star - a Journey of Self Love with your host Nada Alichiah and our guest Anes Cherigui.

About Anes:
Work: Digital Marketing Manager
School: Arabic literature, Faculty of Humanities, University of Gothenburg
Interests: Human rights & athleticism
- Youth-centered decision making
- Training & services for Muslim youth and others in Göteborg
- Youth sponsorship & Interreligious work
*Fun fact: Founded a men's accessories start-up

FEMYSO is a pan-European network of 32 Member Organisations across 20 European countries, and is the voice of Muslim Youth in Europe, and is regularly consulted on issues pertaining to Muslim Youth.

FEMYSO has developed useful links with the European Parliament, the European Commission, the Council of Europe, the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), the United Nations, and a host of other significant organizations at the European and international level.

Keep in touch with us: 103.1FM
Instagram: @femyso @youngjeddo @shiningstarbysinada @k103

Guest: @youngjeddo
Host & Producer: @nadalichiahv
Operator: @lolo_mokakus
Tracks: Deen Assalam - Sabyan (cover) & Eidun Saheed - Mesut Kurtis & Maher Zein

Shining Star - a Journey of Self Love
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Shining Star Episode 19 with YELLE

Tuesday, May 4th at 20.00 CET
Bonjour! In this episode, we are having our international artist, Yelle a singer from Brittany, France. Yelle just released her new single 'Noir' in album L'Ére du Verseau (The Age of Aquarius)

Listen to the podcast here:

Yelle. Noir
Ever just put on the all-black outfit and stay out as late as possible? That's what "Noir" is giving us.
It's moody. It's fashion. It's attitude.
Every element of the song answers each other in a smart and fun way, sitting on a sticky bassline, snatching all of your energy.
And what an album it is!
Yelle is hatched by her stylist and magical elves in her new, dreamy video, revealing the Breton once again from a fresh angle.

Get up personal with Yelle, sharing her years of a music career, her thoughts of unique fashion designers and high-end brand, and Yelle's story with her late father and all the people that makes her shine through and stay strong always.

All in this 19th Episode with Yelle and your host Nada Alichiah on K103 Gothenburg Student Radio.

"'s okay to disappoint people if they love you they will understand that you're trying.." - Yelle-

Shining Star, a Journey of Self Love
Every Tuesday at 8 pm on K103 Gothenburg Student Radio

All songs in this episode copyright by
Listen to 'Noir' on Spotify & Youtube is out now!
Stream YELLE new album "L'Ère du Verseau" on​
Get your copy on

Guest: @Yellestagram
Host: @nadalichiahv
Editor: @marcus_ssod
Operator: @lolo_makokus

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Shining Star Episode 18 with Solomon Amabo - GU Student Ambassador & the Swedish Institute Scholarship's Awardee

Hi! Tonight's guest is a political activist & journalist from Cameroon.
Listen to the podcast here:

Solomon Amabo originally from Cameroon, an authentic multitask leader with 15 years of Journalism, International Media Management, and Consultancy experience in in-depth reporting on African issues for print, radio, television, and online. A bilingual (English/French) determined rights activist who believes in the right to know and the emergence of the African continent, with the focus on political and human rights activist/ journalist, engaged in communication for development, having experience working with civil society organizations and government agencies.

He is also now a student ambassador at Gothenburg University and studying Investigative Journalism with a Global Professional Scholarship from the Swedish Institute. Listen to his unique perspective of self-love while fighting for human rights at his ongoing war - home country Cameroon. Plus keep the spirit of standing up for justice wherever he goes on this 18th episode of Shining Star, a Journey of Self-Love with Nada Alichiah.

More about Solomon:

Guest: Solomon Amabo
Host: @nadalichiahv
Editor: @marcus_ssod
Operator: Ludvig @lolomokakus
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Shining Star - a Journey of Self Love
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Shining Star Episode 17 with Axel Jane - Jaded Jane

Hejsan! this 17th Episode Axel a singer-songwriter from Göteborg (who also had performed in NYC) is sung live!
Jaded Jane - The modern human.. Numb.. Void of emotions, separated from nature and isolated.

Listen to episode 17 here :

There is a light somewhere...
A melody, a name on a road sign. Some lyrics, this is what visited Axel Olsson in a dream, it was to become the opening song entitled 'Jaded Jane' on their debut album 'Diversity' and since then Jaded Jane has continued to release albums exploring various atmospherical and melodious landscapes as well as electronic ingenuity and innovation together with the prominent sound artist Åke Linton.

All of this while still retaining a Pop Singer/Songwriter sensibility.
Ultimately Jaded Jane is a platform created by the Swedish brother's Axel and Adam Olsson, where they both operate collectively and individually to create music and expression through movement and dance.

About the song in this podcast:

- No Country:
Music has the power to create bridges between nations, cultures & people with different beliefs & perspectives. ’No Country’ advocates internationalism rather than nationalism as well as humanism & solidarity to our fellow human beings.
After all, underneath our skin, aren’t t we all the same? Do we not bleed the same color? These thoughts have been with me since early childhood and I have always wanted to write a song about them.
I started wearing my clothes inside out when I was living in New York a few years ago to share the message that we’re all the same on the inside. Turning my clothes inside out is an easy way for me to share that message on a daily basis, people often come up to me asking if it’s the latest fashion or if I was in a rush this morning putting my clothes on the “Wrong Way”.
Growing up and living in a multicultural suburb of Gothenburg named ‘Hammarkullen’ has had a huge impact on the person I grew up be, having a great diversity of cultures, creeds & people from all over the globe made me feel more like a global citizen rather than a man solely born of Swedish parents.
The artwork is from the album from which this new song is.
- Lonely Tower:
I wrote this song for my brother when he through a tough time. Life can challenge us to the extreme at times, but it is important to remember that "You Are Not Alone", as Michael once sang. There is many of us who have been down in the mud but managed to get back up on our feet. I hope this song can lead you in the right direction and hopefully you´ll find yourself on solid ground once again.

**Mitt Göteborg song
To celebrate that Gothenburg is turning 400 years in 2021, Jaded Jane is sharing with you a song that represents the spirit of the city with the title -My Gothenburg. Every city in the world has a unique sound to it and everyone has their own story on how they found themselves in it or lost themselves. I've experience both sides myself in Göteborg, that's what the lyrics are about.
''If you keep walking in all the cities in the world, then the cities will have your footmark. And all the cities will be better each time. Just keep moving, because the whole world is yours. And don’t think that your problem is not ours''. Yoko Ono

Listen to Axel Jane's story of activism, and his warmhearted relationship with his late father, who inspired him into music and taught him to self-realization & self-love!

All songs in this episode are copyright by Jaded Jane

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Guest : @jadedjane
Host : @nadalichiahv
Editor : @marcus_ssod
Operator : @lolomokakus

Connect with Axel Jane Olsson / Jaded Jane elsewhere:

Shining Star-a Journey of Self-Love

Shining Star is a podcast that invites a special guest to talk about their 'star' a.k.a masterpiece (song, book, program, exhibition, etc) and how they can keep 'shining' through the process when finally achieved something they proud of in life. The guest will also share their personal story about their discovery of self-love is the best love. This show aims to be a platform of promotion for the guest/artist plus the inspiration and safe place to explore a journey about self-love with the listeners.

-this program is a continual psychology-social movement by Sinada, from Jkt to Gbg



Nada Alichiah.

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