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Shining Star Episode 17 with Axel Jane - Jaded Jane

Hejsan! this 17th Episode Axel a singer-songwriter from Göteborg (who also had performed in NYC) is sung live!
Jaded Jane - The modern human.. Numb.. Void of emotions, separated from nature and isolated.

Listen to episode 17 here :

There is a light somewhere...
A melody, a name on a road sign. Some lyrics, this is what visited Axel Olsson in a dream, it was to become the opening song entitled 'Jaded Jane' on their debut album 'Diversity' and since then Jaded Jane has continued to release albums exploring various atmospherical and melodious landscapes as well as electronic ingenuity and innovation together with the prominent sound artist Åke Linton.

All of this while still retaining a Pop Singer/Songwriter sensibility.
Ultimately Jaded Jane is a platform created by the Swedish brother's Axel and Adam Olsson, where they both operate collectively and individually to create music and expression through movement and dance.

About the song in this podcast:

- No Country:
Music has the power to create bridges between nations, cultures & people with different beliefs & perspectives. ’No Country’ advocates internationalism rather than nationalism as well as humanism & solidarity to our fellow human beings.
After all, underneath our skin, aren’t t we all the same? Do we not bleed the same color? These thoughts have been with me since early childhood and I have always wanted to write a song about them.
I started wearing my clothes inside out when I was living in New York a few years ago to share the message that we’re all the same on the inside. Turning my clothes inside out is an easy way for me to share that message on a daily basis, people often come up to me asking if it’s the latest fashion or if I was in a rush this morning putting my clothes on the “Wrong Way”.
Growing up and living in a multicultural suburb of Gothenburg named ‘Hammarkullen’ has had a huge impact on the person I grew up be, having a great diversity of cultures, creeds & people from all over the globe made me feel more like a global citizen rather than a man solely born of Swedish parents.
The artwork is from the album from which this new song is.
- Lonely Tower:
I wrote this song for my brother when he through a tough time. Life can challenge us to the extreme at times, but it is important to remember that "You Are Not Alone", as Michael once sang. There is many of us who have been down in the mud but managed to get back up on our feet. I hope this song can lead you in the right direction and hopefully you´ll find yourself on solid ground once again.

**Mitt Göteborg song
To celebrate that Gothenburg is turning 400 years in 2021, Jaded Jane is sharing with you a song that represents the spirit of the city with the title -My Gothenburg. Every city in the world has a unique sound to it and everyone has their own story on how they found themselves in it or lost themselves. I've experience both sides myself in Göteborg, that's what the lyrics are about.
''If you keep walking in all the cities in the world, then the cities will have your footmark. And all the cities will be better each time. Just keep moving, because the whole world is yours. And don’t think that your problem is not ours''. Yoko Ono

Listen to Axel Jane's story of activism, and his warmhearted relationship with his late father, who inspired him into music and taught him to self-realization & self-love!

All songs in this episode are copyright by Jaded Jane

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