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Shining Star Episode 18 with Solomon Amabo - GU Student Ambassador & the Swedish Institute Scholarship's Awardee

Hi! Tonight's guest is a political activist & journalist from Cameroon.
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Solomon Amabo originally from Cameroon, an authentic multitask leader with 15 years of Journalism, International Media Management, and Consultancy experience in in-depth reporting on African issues for print, radio, television, and online. A bilingual (English/French) determined rights activist who believes in the right to know and the emergence of the African continent, with the focus on political and human rights activist/ journalist, engaged in communication for development, having experience working with civil society organizations and government agencies.

He is also now a student ambassador at Gothenburg University and studying Investigative Journalism with a Global Professional Scholarship from the Swedish Institute. Listen to his unique perspective of self-love while fighting for human rights at his ongoing war - home country Cameroon. Plus keep the spirit of standing up for justice wherever he goes on this 18th episode of Shining Star, a Journey of Self-Love with Nada Alichiah.

More about Solomon:

Guest: Solomon Amabo
Host: @nadalichiahv
Editor: @marcus_ssod
Operator: Ludvig @lolomokakus
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Shining Star - a Journey of Self Love
Every Tuesday at 20.00 CET on K103 Gbg Student Radio 103.1FM and

Shining Star is a podcast that invites a special guest to talk about their 'star' a.k.a masterpiece (song, book, program, exhibition, etc) and how they can keep 'shining' through the process when finally achieved something they proud of in life. The guest will also share their personal story about their discovery of self-love is the best love. This show aims to be a platform of promotion for the guest/artist plus the inspiration and safe place to explore a journey about self-love with the listeners.

-this program is a continual psychology-social movement by Sinada, from Jkt to Gbg



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