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Shining Star Episode 21 with Nina Mussolini-Hansson (Bagus Föreningen)

Halo semua! tonight is a special episode about Indonesia! we are having Nina Mussolini-Hansson, board member of Indonesian culture association based in Malmo, Svensk-Indonesiska Bagus Föreningen.

Listen to the podcast here:

Bagus är bra på Svenska. Founded in 2017, Nina will tell us why so important to share Indonesian culture in Scandinavia and how she ended up in Sweden over 20 years ago and married founder & Chairman Bagus Hans Hansson who had love at first sight with Indonesia. Since then Bagus has performed Indonesian dance all over Sweden and sharing also their culinary for free!

Fun fact:
Recently Bagus also joined an International folklore competition!
Did you know Bali is just one of the provinces out of 34 beautiful provinces in Indonesia? and btw if you live in Malmo, catch up with Bagus and you may lucky enough to taste Nina's 'rendang'!Check more about Bagus and be a member for more information.
Semuanya ada di episode 21 malam ini jam 20.00 CET
Shining Star - a Journey of Self Love
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Guest: @ninamussolinihansson
Host& Producer: @nadalichiahv
Operator: @lolo_mokakus

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Shining Star is a podcast that invites a special guest to talk about their 'star' a.k.a masterpiece (song, book, program, exhibition, etc) and how they can keep 'shining' through the process when finally achieved something they proud of in life. The guest will also share their personal story about their discovery of self-love is the best love. This show aims to be a platform of promotion for the guest/artist plus the inspiration and safe place to explore a journey about self-love with the listeners.

-this program is a continual psychology-social movement by Sinada, from Jkt to Gbg



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