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Shining Star Episode 22 with Judith Owen

Yay! This Tuesday @nadalichiahv having international artist @judithowenmusic & this episode feels like a therapy session with a Realistic's love guru
Fun fact:
Did you know back then, Judith's was appeared in one of The Simpson's episodes as herself performing 'Walking to Hell and Back Again'! And her husband is the Simpson's voice-over legend, Harry Shearer!!

Listen to the podcast here:

Judith Owen is a global performer from Wales, UK, whose stylistic range spans rock, pop, classical, jazz, blues, and musical theatre. She is also a comedic actress and master storyteller
Her new single “(What If God Was) One Of Us” was released on April 2021 and it's an amazing re-make by Judith (written by Eric Brazilian) which she watched the song performed by the original artist in Stockholm!

“(What If God Was) One Of Us”

Just when I thought I’d heard it all, Judith Owen comes along and breathes yet another level of life into a little song I did one night while my wife was sleeping on the sofa.” Eric Bazilian

Digital single release date – 2nd April 2021 (Good Friday for Easter)
Pianist, singer-songwriter entertainer Judith Owen is famous for her diverse and genre-bending covers over the years. This time around, and seemingly poignantly timely… Joan Osborne’s Grammy-nominated record and song of the year the ’90s hit single “(What If God Was) One Of Us” - written by Eric Bazilian of the Hooters.

The elegance of vocal, piano, cello, and percussion dramatically migrate the modern standard into the story re-told.

“Easter Sunday seemed like the perfect day to release my version of this beautifully existential song that ironically encompasses Christ’s humane teachings. I remember hearing it for the first time and agreeing with every sentiment as someone who believes that heaven is on earth, in the here and now, not the hereafter, that “God” is in all things, and that if we’re to believe he made us in his image, surely he‘d be as flawed and beautifully damaged as the rest of us. And perhaps more poignantly, this song suggests that if he, like Christ, were to walk amongst us, would we even recognize, want, or like him if he came as an imperfect messy human and not a king?”

“Like I said...the perfect song about faith and humanity on an Easter Sunday.”

“Recording this track with long-time collaborator John Fischbach (Stevie Wonder, Cassandra Wilson) was made more special by meeting and garnering the love of its writer Eric Bazilian, for what I’d done with his unique vision. Recording it in a converted chapel (NOLA’s Esplanade Studio) definitely added to the “heavenly” sound, having taken the song to a pure place musically, with my “ever-turning” classical piano, cello, and timpani arrangement, that underscored and highlighted the lyrics, the timelessness of this story, and the wonder and beauty to be found even in the smallest, most inconsequential thing.”

Produced by Judith Owen and Grammy Award-winning John Fischbach, the track features Pedro Segundo on percussion and Helen Gillet on cello.

The upcoming 2021 album “Both Things Are True” features Judith originals “I Still Dream of America,” “Second Hand Sexbot” with “Hold My Hand” (a Jess Glynne cover), and the 2020 release of “September’ (Earth Wind & Fire.)

“(What If God Was) One Of Us’ - reimagined - a compelling story retold, re-sung, and redone in the words and wise of the fabulous Judith Owen.

All in this 22nd episode of Shining Star_k103 Gothenburg Student Radio 20.00 CET, on 103.1FM &

Songs in this episode:
(What if God was) One of Us & Hold my Hand by Judith Owen
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