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Shining Star Episode 16 with Martina Hellberg & Petra Magnusson - Eye Tracker Project (Applied IT, University of Gothenburg)

Tjena! Are you ready for the future of technology?! Martina Hellberg & Petra Magnusson are a Southern Swedish duo & students of Master in Communication at Gothenburg University. Currently, they are working together on a thesis project about Eye Tracker with Swedish Police. How exciting is that! Listen to this episode to getting to know more about this project and why the thesis can be a group project and also individual in Sweden. Find out how Martina and Petra's friendship "recipe" leads them as project partners and giving mutual support along the way!
And, how their friendship contributed to their personal journey of self-love
P.S: We'll also reveal the "realization" tips of doing a group thesis during the pandemic
*Interested to work as a police in Sweden? Do you want to be part of the project and try Eye tracker? Go and listen here

Shining Star - a Journey of Self-Love

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Host: @nadalichiahv
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Shining Star Episode 15 with Ravi Thej (Apna Bazar)

गुड डे। Ravi Thej, an engineer and a founder of brand new e-commerce of Indian groceries "Apna Bazar"
Started on March 10th, 2021, with a tag line 'Apna Bazar - Apne Ghar Pe (our Market at our homes). Initial launched in 'Gothenburg and Malmo'.
This is an online shop for all Indian grocery needs. Imported fresh vegetables & fruits directly from different regions of the farmlands in India. Rice, pulses, spices, and many more grocery items from the finest quality and esteemed brands in India suiting the need of everyone in Pan India.
Listen to Ravi's tips of starting a business from zero as an expats and his passion for cricket and journey of self-love behind his funny personality!

Stream to the podcast here:

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Host: @nadalichiahv
Editor: @marcus_ssod

Shining Star Episode 14 Special International Women's Month Feat. GU Student Content Team - Dayane & Nada

Hola! This 14th episode is a special edition of celebrating Women International month in collaboration with Gothenburg University - Student Content Team, Dayane & Nada

Listen to the podcast here:

Dayane Proaño is from Ecuador. She is studying the IT and Learning master's program at the University of Gothenburg. She is a SI scholarship holder and GU student content creator.
She defines herself as a feminist, and she considers equality and education is necessary to bring opportunities for all, specifically women.
Nada Alichiah is an Indonesian, host of Shining Star, studying a master's program in communication, responsible for the live sessions at GU student content team at and a half feminist!

Listen to the fun conversation about women's issues, relationships and get to know what is their definition of self-love, Ecuadorian music, men, and more!

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Shining Star - a Journey of Self Love

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Shining Star Episode 13 with Cornelia Schmidt - Just People Photo

Listen to the podcast:

Cornelia Schmidt coming from Switzerland (Italian speaking part) and settled in Sweden for decades initially because of love. She started her business as a photographer and portrays stories in her project “Just People” about everyday people. They are all naked as far as not wearing clothing, but their passions are shinning strongly through imagery. Cornelia’s keywords are humor, respect, and incredibly beautiful. The texts and photographs complement each other in telling a story about the magic of the individual, at the same time as they leave a lot of space for the viewer’s reflections.
Why naked? Also, what's the challenge in telling the differences between Nude vs Nudity? Cornelia can go deeper and portray their story because each person decides how much of their body they feel comfortable showing and Cornelia adjust the poses after their wishes.

A documentary about our times
The project will serve as documentation of our lives today. Nowadays people have tattoos, solid bodies that have spent many hours at a gym, or large bodies that wouldn’t go near a gym. They have colorful hairstyles, certain accessories, and icons in their lives. These stories from people from all over the world with different skin colors and different cultures tell us stories about how people today live, what they feel and what values they have. Some stories portray an overwhelming emotion, like sadness and longing. Others portray a strong personal trait or passion, like music or chocolate.
Cornelia humbly sees the individual and works with complete respect for the person she is shooting. Then in her humorous and daring way, she collaborates with the person and they compose an interpretation that honestly portrays the special and unique essence of the individual. Cornelia’s passion for this project will give the book energy and a life of its own.

Listen to Shining Star episode 13 with Cornelia and find out how just people contribute to her personal journey of self-love, Plus for those who still mixed up, Swiss is not Swedes.

Just People is an original concept by Cornelia Schmidt. If you are interested in arranging an exhibition or booking, get in touch with her here:
Instagram and Facebook
@justpeoplephoto, @corneliaschmidtphotography
Arkadia Photo

Shining Star - a Journey of Self Love
Guest: Cornelia Schmidt
Host: Nada Alichiah
Editor: Marcus Söderberg

Shining Star episode 12 with Elodie Labonne - Connect with Joy

Stream to the podcast here

Tonight, Tuesday, March 16th, 2021, Elodie Labonne will share her incredible love story creating Connect with Joy. Coming from Lyon, France to Gothenburg, she discovers her passion for Tango dance (She also part of the World dance company Gothenburg) and Gyrokinesis. Interestingly, her husband also was her dance partner, and their relationship going stronger over the years! How could she happily work together with her lifetime colleague a.k.a spouse? Do you Want to know more and interested to join Connect with Joy program?
'Ecouter' Shining Star - a Journey of Self Love on K103 Gothenburg Student radio every Tuesday at 8 pm!

Check out more about Elodie's program:

Guest: Elodie Labonne
Host: Nada Alichiah
Editor: Marcus Söderberg

Shining Star, a Journey of Self Love

Shining Star Episode 11 with Devashree Niraula - Awardee Gothenburg University Scholarships

Tuesday, March 9th, 2021 kl 20.00
Shining Star Episode 11 with Devashree Niraula, Awardee of @universityofgothenburg scholarship from Nepal, MA student in Atmosphere, Climate and Ecosystem, student ambassador & content team at GU Social media.

Listen to the podcast here:

Tonight, Deva will share her crazy journey of coming to Sweden to study at GU and all the madness as a newcomer from making an ID card to only having a travel check (which doesn't work in Sweden)
We'll also share another tip for scholarships to apply to!

Plus, we'll be unboxing things about Nepal(more than Mount Everest), singing acapella Nepali song, and how Deva think Mount Fujiyama-Japan was just a hill for her

All-inclusive in Episode 11, Tuesday 8 pm on @k103
Shining Star, a Journey of Self Love.

Songs on this episode by:
Bakar spotify:album:0sVTx58xcHrOoOmcnLlkNL
Amanda Andreas spotify:album:7n6jeILczPyTVYfM7hZcTd

Guest: @divashree_chettri_niraula
Host: @nadalichiahv
Operator: @lolomokakus
Editor: @marcus_ssod

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Shining Star Episode 10 with Per Östling - The ( ) Space

Yay! Tonight We reached the 10th episode of Shining Star!!

Listen to the podcast here:

Our guest today is from a business background.

Per Östling is an entrepreneur from Värmland and initiator of the ( ) Space. In this episode, we talk about Per's career journey, starts as a teacher, moving to Stockholm & been a security guard. But How his story of being a leader and start his own company? Meanwhile, helping University students, connect them to companies around Sweden through his platform. The Space is available in Hisingen and Chalmers University that is Free for students to use.

Let's have a little trip to the old times when social media was not there but networking was always possible. Plus, learning how self-love shaped him through his journey as a facilitator and commit to his passion for sustainability

P.S: If you final year student and looking for a "target" for your research, do not hesitate to contact Per!

Also, welcome back to our studio operator Ludvig, from now on we are officially a team of 3!

Shining Star - a Journey of Self Love
On-air every Tuesday kl 20 on K103 103.1FM

Host: Nada Alichiah
Editor: Marcus Söderberg
Operator: Ludvig

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Shining Star Episode 9 with Hannah Louise McDonald

Gladly we are on episode 9 already! Today you'll listen to a fine discovery of Hannah Louise McDonald a Blighty fine arts artist from Canterbury, England. First, What is fine art? if you are new to 'arty' life or this is your zone, welcome on board!
Surprisingly Hannah's passions in arts also finding her way of understanding Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Not to mention, she also already has a bunch of exhibitions around in UK and Europe, and her favorite one is in Gothenburg!!
Let's dig in Hannah's Bee’s Knees journey of Self Love tonight plus the yoga story!
Tuesday kl 20 / 8 pm on K103 Gothenburg Student Radio..

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Host: @nadalichiahv
Editor: @marcus_ssod

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Shining Star Episode 8 with Mai Ruby & David Bäck - World Culture Music Club

So exciting!! In the 8th episode of Shining Star, our guest Mai Ruby and David Bäck from World Music Culture club sang their Arabic-Swedish songs live at @k103

Heartbreaking yet encouraging, Mai a musician born in Kuwait and MA alumni in IT and learning at @universityofgothenburg (she's recently graduated and developed SFI app for thesis project) went from lost everything, been a single Mom, and have to start over far away from home because of (ongoing) war in Syria. How's the tremendous journey can be her strength when working at UNHCR and helping other refugees with trauma healing?

While in Hjo David with his Bäck brothers Jazz Tivoli grew up in a happy Swedish musician family but always love diversity, found his passion in Arabic culture even went to Palestine and teach music while the war happens next door, also becoming an artist in Gothenburg...
Listen to Mai & David collaboration story & finding self-love against the odds this Tuesday, Feb 16th kl 20 on:
K103 Gothenburg student radio 103.1 FM
Streaming here:

Shining star - a Journey of Self Love

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Instagram @mairuby22 @back8227

check out their works :

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Editor: @marcus_ssod
Host: @nadalichiahv

Songs in this episode :
Bel al qalb -Håll mitt Hjärta
Kelma Helwa - Mitt eget land
Performed by Mai Ruby ft. David Bäck

Shining Star Episode 7 with Dru Scott & Evan Jensen - Family Search

"My Family, Memories that bring us together.."

Welcome to Shining Star the 7th episode, Nada had a visit from two friendly missionaries, Äldste Scott and Äldste Jensen from Utah & Arizona, USA. But what's that about? Dru & Evan will tell you their mission of helping other people exploring their family histories and who knows maybe you could also found who's your ancestors are!

The family search program in Sweden is running by Jesu Kristi Kyrka and all is voluntary and pro bono! Wonder why they passionate about these "personal works"? How are they shining through skepticism and rejection? This Tuesday episode is special because this program can be a tool for you to get to know more about yourself also a great recommendation to having quality time with your family. Besides, if you hesitate Dru and Evan will possibly change your mindset with their inspirational journey serving others and learning their version of self-love.

Listen to the episode here :

Hints :
"Ask your family and yourself open-ended questions like these that will spark positive feelings and create the most cherished memories like; How did Mom and Dad first meet and fall in love? what is the unique thing about me?"

Order your booklet of the Family Search program for free here :
(available in English and Svenska)

Learn how the program run in Sweden:

get in touch with Dru Scott & Evan Jensen (maybe tips on how to master Svenska so fast and being sober for life?)
Instagram : @dru_scott
Facebook Dru Scott & Evan Jensen

Shining Star - a Journey of Self Love
Every Tuesday at 8 pm!

Producer & Host: @nadalichiahv
Editor : @marcus_ssod

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Shining Star is a podcast that invites a special guest to talk about their 'star' a.k.a masterpiece (song, book, program, exhibition, etc) and how they can keep 'shining' through the process when finally achieved something they proud of in life. The guest will also share their personal story about their discovery of self-love is the best love. This show aims to be a platform of promotion for the guest/artist plus the inspiration and safe place to explore a journey about self-love with the listeners.

-this program is a continual psychology-social movement by Sinada, from Jkt to Gbg



Nada Alichiah.

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