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Shining Star Episode 6 with Marcus Söderberg

In this episode of a shining star, Nada meets Marcus Söderberg a singer-songwriter & producer in rock music from Gothenburg. Recently, he just released his new "slow rock" single called Breath me out feat Saad. And yes he is the Marcus who just join us as our editor :))
Find out how Marcus journey of Self Love as a Swedes man and rock star!
Do we reveal some secrets that will surprise you, Kanske?
All in this rocky conversation with Marcus on K103, This Tuesday kl 20 - 8 pm!

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Listen to Marcus new single "Breath me out feat Saad"

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Instagram : @marcus_ssod
Facebook page :Marcus Söderberg
Youtube : Marcus Söderberg
Soundcloud :

All songs on this episode copyright by Marcus & Saad

Shining Star - a Journey of Self Love

Shining Star Episode 5 with Jheniffer Sodré - Swedish Instiute Scholarship Awardee (2020 -2022)

Olá! In this 5th episode of Shining Star with Nada, we are having a guest from an academic background. Jhenifer Sodre is a MA student in communication at Gothenburg University, coming all the way from San Paulo, Brazil. Besides, Jhen is studying with a scholarship for global professionals from the Swedish Institute. Interestingly, she will tell how was her journey to study abroad after working as Journalist for some years and give tips about the scholarship. Of course, Jhen will share her personal story of self-love on how important of taking care of yourself and tackle the 'bad voices' that saying "you are not good enough"
However, did you ever wonder what is the national language of Brazil? I bet it's not something you think of! Find out more about things you do not know about Brazil before on this week's episode of Shining Star, Tuesday at 8 pm!

While we try to reach the stars, Jhen will shoot for the moon :))

Listen here:
Keep in touch with Jhenifer on Instagram: @jhe_sodre

more info about Study in Sweden :

Swedish institute scholarship :

Keep in touch with Jhenifer on Instagram: @jhe_sodre

Shining Star - a Journey of Self Love

Songs on this episode :

Ryan Edmond - Take it easy

Henning - Vissa Dagar

Host & Producer: Nada Alichiah @nadalichiahv
Editor : Marcus Söderberg @marcus_ssod

#thisigu #brazil #studyinsweden

Shining Star Episode 4 with Sidhant Ray

The happy Year of 2021!!

Glad to be back again and tonight's episode our special guest is Sidhant Ray from Bhubaneswar, India.
Sidhant is an engineer and Chalmers alumni plus one of the hosts of the new show about cycling in K103 "Encyclopedia"
Let's Shining through with Sidhant and your host Nada, talking about ended up "predictably" in one of the biggest company, his view of arranged love in eastern culture, also exploring his journey of self-appreciation :)

Listen here:

Look up Sidhant's show here :

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Shining Star - A Journey of Self Love

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Shining Star Episode 3 with Smilla Axelsson

Smilla Axelsson is a Swedish young singer & writer who already love performing since she was a little girl. This winter break Smilla just released a new song feat. Americk Lewis (All my friends are stars)- Not everybody happy on the holidays which filmed in central Gothenburg. Smilla's mom who also a musician, plays a big part in her life as a role model as well as a foundation of her support system. Listen to our fun conversation about being Scorpio girls, overcome insecurity as young women, and how her self love journey starts from a loving family.

Tune in K103 & let's Shining through with Smilla and your host Nada Alichiah, på Tisdag klockan 20 :)

All songs on this show copyright by Smilla & All my friends are stars

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or tune in app: k103

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Check out Smilla's songs:
Timeless feat Daye
Not everybody happy on the holidays feat Americk Lewis

Shining Star - a Journey of Self Love

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Shining Star Episode 2 with Stina Sundling "Stilla"

Stilla ingen annan är har!

Stina Sundling is an inspiring Swedish woman, a mother, rapper, song & book writer, and also a Ph.D. graduate whom the creator of her 'alter-ego' character Stilla. In her book "Söker du har?" (do you look here?) Stilla having a quite love adventure as a newly-single woman in her 50's. From being new in the era of dating app to the incident that she "kinda got rape" what makes her keep maintain her self-love story? even shining bright and makes through the music industry and create the soundtrack for her novel like "Stilla ingen annan" and "Liksom vådltäkt typ"?
Listen to the 2nd episode of Shining Star - A Journey of Self Love and get ready to listen to the life lesson of Stina Sundling, Tuesday, December 8th, 2020 klockan 20.00 only on K103 Gothenburg Student Radio
you might be lucky to win one of her novels "Söker du har"!

Listen to the show here :

All the songs on today's episode copyright by Stilla

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order the novel here :

Stilla ingen annan är har!

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Shining Star with Americk Lewis & Nicholas Saosin (All My Friends Are Stars) #Eps.1

All My Friends Are Star on Shining Star

K103 Brand new Podcast "Shining Star - A Journey of Self Love" is now On Air every Tuesday at kl 20.00!

In the 1st episode, Nada having a special guest: Americk Lewis & Nicholas Sosin founders of All My Friends Are Stars, a New Yorker duo who loves Gothenburg city.
They just released a new song and a video clip "Black Super Hero" featuring Jones Dynamic and coming soon they will publish their first children book "You're a Star"

Wanna know more about what makes them Shining through to their journey of self-love? And how they come up with "All my friends are Stars" in Gothenburg? Listen to Shining Star tonight at 20.00 on K103 - 103.1 FM with your host Nada Alichiah
Or streaming on Mixcloud

All songs on this episode copyright by all my friends are stars
**The Gothenburg song was performed live at K103!!

Follow all my friends are stars on social media:
Instagram:@allmyfriendsarestars @everybodylovesramen

Listen to their songs on Spotify:

Host&Editor: @nadalichiahv

Shining Star - a Journey of Self Love

All My Friends Are Star on Shining Star

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Shining Star is a podcast that invites a special guest to talk about their 'star' a.k.a masterpiece (song, book, program, exhibition, etc) and how they can keep 'shining' through the process when finally achieved something they proud of in life. The guest will also share their personal story about their discovery of self-love is the best love. This show aims to be a platform of promotion for the guest/artist plus the inspiration and safe place to explore a journey about self-love with the listeners.

-this program is a continual psychology-social movement by Sinada, from Jkt to Gbg



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