Songs For Change

6: music who oppose fascist ideologies

Fascist form of government was prominent in Europe up to the end of WW2. It was a tyrannical period by today's progressive standards. But fascism did not come to a natural demise. It was vehemently opposed in various forms by many actors and at various levels. In this episode we feature some of the musicians that opposed and continue to oppose fascist ideologies.

Episode 5: Indigenous rights in Australia

After a short break we have a brand new show featuring songs and stories from and about Australia's indigenous peoples, known as Aboriginals. They too fought and fight for their rights, their land and the integrity of their families. Let's listen to a short but carefully selected playlist featuring musicians who spoke up about this matter.

Episode 4

We are back with an episode featuring one of the major struggles for equality in recent history: the civil rights movement! Join us on our musical journey to the 1960s when blacks in the US where fighting to make the country "live out the true meaning of it's creed: ... that all men are created equal." - Martin Luther King Jr.

Episode 3

Jamaica and the USA are intertwined in a struggle to curtail gun crimes. Aside from politicians and social organisations, musicians have added thier voices to that struggle. In this episode we have selected 5 such songs for you...
You will love our playlist!!!

Episode 2

The songs featured in this episode take you back in time to when Germany was divided after WWII. What role di these songs play in the eventual fall of the Berlin Wall?

Premiere for Songs For Change

The playlist for this first episode was compiled with songs from Jamaica that addressed local and international social issues, such as crime, poverty, social stigma among others. It's eye opening, interesting and fun. Tune in and tell me what you think.

On this show we highlight songs that were written for social change; songs that assist the process of human progress. For each song on the playlist, its relevance to social change is explained and put into context. Next, we press play...


Kavel Smith as DJ Mwamba och Lars Nungesser.

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