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Ghana Hip-Life Music this week on Sounds From Africa

Ghananian's in Göteborg requested on popular demand that with due respect that l play the Hi-Life Music from Ghana, West Africa.'s time to join me 6p-7pm on Sounds From Africa, remember that this programme is a non-stop jam session, why you will have the opportunity of listening and dancing to my special life mix,
Thou, somethings when am busy mixing the jams l will not be able to much, cos concentration matters when a Dj is mixing two music.
More music lets talk.
My job is to prepare every saturday between 6-pm-7pm on 103.1 FM and live from Göteborg,Sweden
Get ready and don't touch the dial ,

Ghana Hip-Life Music this week on Sounds From Africa

Every week the presenter/producer of Sounds From Africa on K103 promised to bring to you music from different parts of Africa, on Saturday 17th of Janaury, 2015, You would have the opportunity to listen the best Hip-Life Artiste from Ghana, West-Africa. so, tune your radio on 103.1FM Göteborg or better still
Sounds From Africa with host Dj Romeo -(Sweet Romeo), the supersonic master mixing would be doing sound justice to the Hi-Life music.
Don't miss it,it would prepare you for a nice weekend ahead.
Keep a date with Dj Romeo, every Saturday between, 6pm-7pm for the very best of African Music from the African continent.
Remain blessed.Dj Romeo

Uganda Week on Sounds From Africa

This weeek Saturday 15th of November, 2014, the people of Uganda leaving in Göteborg and Västergötland would listening to music from Uganda, with DjRomeo on sounds From Africa time 6.03pm-7pm

Listen to the Latest Jams From the African Continent with Dj Romeo (Sweet Romeo)

Dj Romeo Presenter of Sounds from Africa on is the programme where you can listen to all music from all over ARFICAN CONTINENT,do log onto every Saturday between 5-6pm or tune in on 103.1 FM GÖTEBORG STUDENTRADIO.


Sounds from Africa is fully designed to bring African Music,Culture,News and the latest happenings from the African Continent every Saturday between 15.00-16.00pm.
The Host Present/Producer: Dj Romeo (Sweet Romeo) has promised to update the Africans and other
Nationalities leaving in Göteborg, Sweden, Scandinavia and the whole the Universe,
that we are loaded with the best African music every Saturday,so be ready and don't miss out.
Also, you will be informed of the more on the artistes lifestyles and more......
So, stay glue to your radio set,mobile phones,internet for more jams from the African continient
only on Göteborg Student Radio K103 (Sounds From Africa with Dj Romeo)


From Saturday 18th of September 2010 - 31st of December 2010,Sounds from Africa listeners and those who wants to listen to solid Africa music should always stay tuned every Saturday for the very best of Sounds From Africa.
We have redefined the programme to satisfy all what you expect on Radio eg.-Music from both North,South,East and West Africa,
Latest News From Africa,Telephone Request Segment,Artiste lnterview Segment and lots more.
why not check us out Every Saturday between 15pm-16pm on 103.1FM, Göteborg Student Radio with Dj Romeo and Lily Zencha.
For Telephone Request Call us on 031-18 22 57 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              031-18 22 57      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Time to call every Saturday is between 15.25pm -15.45pm
Stay tuned.........


Summer is here again,so what we gonna do, is dish out the most hot! hot!! hot!!! sounds from africa to make u move where ever you are, don't forget the programme is on every Saturday 3-4pm on Gothenburg Student Radio K103.1 FM. With Dj Romeo your Sweet Romeo and Lily Zencha.
Don't also foget that there is news from African continent between 3.15pm and more attractions now on Sounds From Africa.
Stay tuned and don't touch your dial, leave it on 103.1 FM.

Dj Romeo is Back from Africa with the latest African jams 2010

Sounds From Africa is the programme where you will have the opportunity of listening to music from all over Africa.
Introducing the latest african music making waves in the African Continent,just keep your dial on 103.1 on Every Saturday between 15-16pm for music unlimited.
Dj Romeo- ur sweet Romeo, don't touch your dial.

New Year Surprised Bash

Happy New year to all my fans who took their time to listen to Sounds From Africa, 2010 will be a year of supersonic songs from africa and also l want everyone to know that you can listen to Sounds From Africa from all over the world,just from the studios of Göteborg Studentradio K103.1,internet listerners log onto Every Saturday between 3-4pm, Swedish time.
You can listen to the programme through the your Radio,Mobile Phone Radio,keep a date with me and always leave your dial on 103.1FM
Host: Dj Romeo
(Your Sweet Romeo)


This saturday's programme on Sounds from Africa is going to parade jams of all jams,ranging from afro hip.hop,Soukous,Makossa and highlife.
Don't miss it and leave your dial on 103.1.
Music Captain,
Dj Romeo (Your Sweet Romeo)

Okes Masima aka DJ Romeo gives you contemporary music from northen Africa. A mix of afro-beat, soul and dance music.



Okes Masima.

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