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Sim Racing, GOTeamracing and Georgi

This week on Sport On Eden, Sachin and Declan discuss Sim Racing with GOTeam Racing’s Georgi Nedev.
The guys learn what Sim Racing actually is, how it works and its popularity around the globe. They also discuss how Georgi got into the sport and GOTeam Racing’s plans for the future.

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An insight on Cricket and India with Sid

Get an insight on Cricket with Sid, who will kindly introduce you to the most popular Indian sport. Sid will explain to you the various forms of cricket and competitions, also as showing how big of a phenomenon it is in India.

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Kris: e-sport and litterature

17:00 Sport On
On this Midsummer friday, Sport On will interview our beloved chairman for K103, the one and only Kristoffer Rissanen, who will talk about e-sport. Being a fan of litterature, Kris will give his lyrical definition of e-sport, but will also talk about the rise and competitions in this field.

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John Pettersson from Änglarna Supporter Club (IFK Göteborg)

Sport On interviewed John Pettersson, chairman of IFK Göteborg's supporters club Änglarna. They discuss John's thoughts for the season's restart and the unusual circumstances under which it will be taking place. They also discuss the history of Änglarna, and John's involvement with the supporters club and his time as an IFK fan.

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Play Football with IK Rampen

Sport On has interviewed Lisa and Maryam from IK Rampen, arguably one of Göteborg's most thriving and fascinating sport association. IK Rampen is a football team where all girls, women and non-binary of age 15-ish or older are welcome to join. No matter previous football experience and we always have open practices which means you can join in as often or rarely as you like.

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Disc Golf and Magpies

Disc Golf is getting more and more here in Sweden. Sport On interviewed Robert, founder of the Magpie Ridge Disc Golf Club. Learn about the sport, the equipement, where you could play here in Gothenburg and also why you should get started. Fellow K103 member Marie, is joining to bring an angle on Disc Golf from an Ultimate Frisbee player perspective.

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Sport On Music Session

After movies, books and documentaries, it is time to complete the culture circle with music. Sachin, Declan and Eden will provide you with their favourite Sport Music.

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Quarantine Material : Sport On Book Club/Documentaries/Quotes

Sport On is still hoing strong with Eden, Sachin and Declan. Today they'll be discussing again some of their favourite sports books, as well as the best sports documentaries that you can watch whilst stuck indoors. Finishing the show, they go through some of their favourite sporting quotes from over the years. Interspersed is a great selection of tracks as well!

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The podcast version of this episode will be released on the 13/05. Stay tuned.

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Quarantine Material : Sport On Book Club / Sachin's lunatic quizz

Friday rhymes with Quizz day, and this week it is time for Sachin's Quizz, which nearly got out of hand due to Declan and Eden agressive and lunatic opposition. Could you get all the answers right ?

Followed by some litterature with Sport On Book Club's first edition. Our 3 hosts give you recommandations on their favourite piece of sport litterature. Always a classic to practice social distancing or get roasted like a chicken on yourbalcony.

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Quarantine Material : Sport Movies/Podcast

Declan, Sachin and Eden

Wondering what Quarantine Material stands for? Knowing that these times rhymes with no sport events and social distancing, Quarantine Material will help you getting your fix of sport while self isolating, tackling a new topic every week.
To kick-off in style, nothing better than a recommendation on a few sport movies. You also get to hear Sachin bottling up a quizz.

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Declan, Sachin and Eden

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