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Sport On is back with Sachin and Eden ft. Joshua Pautzke

Photo of Eden and Joshua taken by Mr Submarine

A new look Sport On is brought back to life by Eden and Sachin who talk about everything related to Sports ranging from local Göteborg based sport news, Swedish sport news to International sports news of interest. It will also feature guests talking about a particular sport he/she plays, their sporting event experiences, fan interviews and a whole lot of lame jokes.

In today's show, we have the most popular german Floorball player Joshua Pautzke aka 'The German Robin Hood' talking a bit about Floorball and a LOT about the materials used to make Floorball sticks & balls. He also talks about his Floorball experience in Sweden so far. Check it out!

Photo of Eden and Joshua taken by Mr Submarine

Welcome to Sport On! Join Eden and Sachin in the exploration of the wolrd of sports!


Eden Maclachlan och Sachin Subramanian.


Fredagar 17:00 - 18:00

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