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New Year, CHL, EHC

Sweden vs Poland crowd warming up

Sport On is back, ready to kick 2020 like Justin Tucker will kick a football.

And there is no better way to catch the New Year in style, than attending two of the biggest sport events happening in January in Göteborg. Sachin and Eden will give you an insight of the Champions Hockey League (CHL)Semi-Final opposing Frölunda Indians vs Luleå, also as a recap of Group F games of the European Handball Championship (EHC)happening at the Scandinavium.

All you need to do is Tunein to K103 SportOn

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Sweden vs Poland crowd warming up

Welcome to Sport On! Join Eden and Sachin in the exploration of the world of sports!


Eden Maclachlan och Sachin Subramanian.


Fredagar 17:00 - 18:00

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