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After movies, books and documentaries, it is time to complete the culture circle with music. Sachin, Declan and Eden will provide you with their favourite Sport Music.

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Quarantine Material : Sport On Book Club/Documentaries/Quotes

Sport On is still hoing strong with Eden, Sachin and Declan. Today they'll be discussing again some of their favourite sports books, as well as the best sports documentaries that you can watch whilst stuck indoors. Finishing the show, they go through some of their favourite sporting quotes from over the years. Interspersed is a great selection of tracks as well!

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The podcast version of this episode will be released on the 13/05. Stay tuned.

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Quarantine Material : Sport On Book Club / Sachin's lunatic quizz

Friday rhymes with Quizz day, and this week it is time for Sachin's Quizz, which nearly got out of hand due to Declan and Eden agressive and lunatic opposition. Could you get all the answers right ?

Followed by some litterature with Sport On Book Club's first edition. Our 3 hosts give you recommandations on their favourite piece of sport litterature. Always a classic to practice social distancing or get roasted like a chicken on yourbalcony.

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Quarantine Material : Sport Movies/Podcast

Declan, Sachin and Eden

Wondering what Quarantine Material stands for? Knowing that these times rhymes with no sport events and social distancing, Quarantine Material will help you getting your fix of sport while self isolating, tackling a new topic every week.
To kick-off in style, nothing better than a recommendation on a few sport movies. You also get to hear Sachin bottling up a quizz.

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Declan, Sachin and Eden

Stay home and get into e-sport

E-sport's popularity has grown up exponentially over the last few years. Based on computer and console gaming of many kinds, it also has the benefit to be played from home which comes in handy in social distancing time. Throughout the show, a phone interview with Max will give you a better insight on e-sport, its games and its professionnal world, while Declan and Sachin will share their console gaming experience to a very confused Eden

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Stay home and play Table Hockey

Living in Sweden and self isolation times definitely rhymes with Table Hockey. Sachin and Eden are joined by Markus Bengtsson, a Table Hockey competitor, narrating about that very popular game in Sweden and countries bordering the Baltic Sea. Will also feature some advices from Markus on how to start and why you should start Table Hockey.

Full interview :

Mysterious phone call and board games

On the menu this week features a mysterious phone call also an all round on Board Games with Eva Gustafvsson to help you getting through isolation time.

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Breaking News : Declan signs for Sport On

Fans welcoming Declan

BREAKING NEWS : After tough negotations between the Sport On crew and Declan's agent, we are proud to announce that Declan has signed to be part of the show. He held his first press conference this afternoon and seemed delighted of being part of Sport On. Declan has said " I grew up listening to those guys, so of course it is a pleasure to join them. I am really excited to show my worth and to do our first show".

To tackle that new partnership, listen to their first show together covering " Sporting memories"

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Fans welcoming Declan

Gaelic Football with Coach Declan

Sachin and Eden welcome Declan to talk about Gaelic Football. From his debut at Newcastle University until his knee injuries that stopped him from a brilliant carreer, Declan will take you on an eventful journey down the path of Gaelic Football.

Listen to the show :

Interview with Gothenburg Roller Derby Aqwarriors

Sofia and Matilda

Action, speed, contacts, butts and jams, Matilda and Sofia take you all the way down to the exciting world of Roller Derby.

Listen to the full interview:

Want to follow Gothenburg Roller Derby Aqwarriors, go and check their website.

Website :

Sofia and Matilda

Welcome to Sport On! Join Eden, Sachin and Declan in the exploration of the world of sports!


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