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New Year, CHL, EHC

Sweden vs Poland crowd warming up

Sport On is back, ready to kick 2020 like Justin Tucker will kick a football.

And there is no better way to catch the New Year in style, than attending two of the biggest sport events happening in January in Göteborg. Sachin and Eden will give you an insight of the Champions Hockey League (CHL)Semi-Final opposing Frölunda Indians vs Luleå, also as a recap of Group F games of the European Handball Championship (EHC)happening at the Scandinavium.

All you need to do is Tunein to K103 SportOn

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Sweden vs Poland crowd warming up

Interview with Pixbo Wallenstam´s Gustav Fritzell and Jon Hedlund

Jon Hedlund and Gustav Fritzell

Sport On had the luxury to interview two of Pixbo Wallenstam´s finest players. Goalkeeper Jon Hedlund and Forward and Captain Gustav Fritzell. Apart from being two great and handsome floorball players , you will meet two down on earth and nice characters.

They will be talking about their season and objectives, also giving you a good insight of the atmosphere in the team. So you want to know how Jon became a goalkeeper and who is Gustav floorball hero ? All you have is to tune in to listen to the full interview.

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Jon Hedlund and Gustav Fritzell

Sport Music and Dad Jokes

On this week show, Sachin and Eden will take a trip down memory lane and play some all time sport music classics. On top of that, will feature an intense dad jokes competition with the ultimate goal of being K103 Dad Jokes Champion.

You want to feel nostalgic and get yourself some cracking jokes ? All you got to do is Tune in.

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A floorbal experience with Pixbo Wallestam

Pixbo RedFox

This week Sport On, will narrate their experience at the Pixbo Wallestam vs IBF Falun Floorball game. It will feature Eden and Sachin first experience at a Floorball match, also as an insight of the atmosphere, interviews with Pixbo Goalkeeper Jon Hedlund and Pixbo biggest supporter Joshua Pautzke.

Will Pixbo snatch a victory in front of their supporters ? Tune in to k103 Sport On to figure it out

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Pixbo RedFox

Play sport with Idrottsrådet - Göta studentkår

Joakim and Hampus from Idrottsrådet - Göta studentkår

Do you find it complicated to match your studies with the pratice of a physical activity ?

Well listen to Sachin and Eden interviewing " Idrottsrådet - Göta studentkår " a student association that makes the weekly practice of sport a lot more easy and a lot more fun.

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Joakim and Hampus from Idrottsrådet - Göta studentkår

An evening at Partille Arena, the home of IK Sävehof

When I first mentionned Handball to Sachin, he thought Arsenal had been granted a penalty. After few minutes to explain him exactly what it is, we decided it will be great to attend a game and especially from the Handball team IK Sävehof, one of the best of the country.

Thanks to the organisation team, and a perfectly timed schedule, we attended the IK Sävehof vs Önnereds HK Women and men game on the 2019-11-06. Will IK Sävehof secure a win in front of their home fans ? Are you curious to know the atmosphere inside Partille Arena ? Don't wait any longer and tune in to K103.

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Inside "La Bamba" and the fascinating world of Ultimate Frisbee

La Bamba

What would a week be without listening to Sport On? That is a question we have not managed to answer yet, especially when we interview Marie and Fatima two of the best players of "La Bamba Frisbee Göteborg". You might be thinking "What is the fuss about Frisbee? I used to throw the discus around when I was a kid". Well Ultimate Frisbee is way more than that.

Ultimate Frisbee is one of the most popular sports in the world. Nothing more to ad that it is very competitive, mentally challenging and physically, the team spirit behind it will make you feel part of a family no matter if you are a beginner or a professional player. Very popular in Göteborg, "La Bamba Frisbee" is one of the many teams that you could play in.

So Tune in to listen to Marie and Fatima, and enter the fascinating world of ultimate Frisbee

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La Bamba

Competing for the Marconi

Sachin and Eden recording their intro

Sachin and Eden are back for another episode of Sport On. This time, they will narrate you their experience of the Women football Euro 2021 qualifier Sweden vs Slovakia at Ullevi. Will Sweden keep up their momentum in front of their fans after a great world cup ?
They have reshaped their guest section hosting Gustav Hinder a passionate orientater who will teach you how to use a map and a compass. Check it out to figure out what´s new. On top of the Swedish and International sport news, Sachin will give you advices for the comimg winter and Eden will try to impress you with this Swedish language skills.

So what are you waiting for ? Tune in to K103 on Friday at 5pm !

Sachin and Eden recording their intro

An afternoon at the Scandinavium, the home of the Frölunda Indians

Sachin and Eden with a fan

On this week show, Sachin and Eden will count you the tale of their adventure at the Scandinavium.They had the luxury to attend the "Frölunda Indians vs Rögle BK".

Will Frölunda show why they are one of the best team in the world in front of their fans, or will Rögle bring a crucial victory back home. You will also have a taste of the atmosphere inside the Scandinavium, new and long term fans will share their memories and experience. And on top of that, you will know who is Sachin idol.

So don´t wait to tune at K103 Sporton at 5pm.

Sachin and Eden with a fan

Sport On is back with Sachin and Eden ft. Joshua Pautzke

Photo of Eden and Joshua taken by Mr Submarine

A new look Sport On is brought back to life by Eden and Sachin who talk about everything related to Sports ranging from local Göteborg based sport news, Swedish sport news to International sports news of interest. It will also feature guests talking about a particular sport he/she plays, their sporting event experiences, fan interviews and a whole lot of lame jokes.

In today's show, we have the most popular german Floorball player Joshua Pautzke aka 'The German Robin Hood' talking a bit about Floorball and a LOT about the materials used to make Floorball sticks & balls. He also talks about his Floorball experience in Sweden so far. Check it out!

Photo of Eden and Joshua taken by Mr Submarine

Welcome to Sport On! Join Eden, Sachin and Declan in the exploration of the world of sports!


Eden Maclachlan, Sachin Subramanian och Declan McCann.


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