Stream103 - Edition 06 - Baduga//Margarita//John H

This week's #Stream103 features resident DJs Baduga (Sachin Subramanian
) and Margarita (Margarita Iljin) who will be joined by guest DJ John H
[New York Haunted, Drumcode, Another Earth and more]
John has been DJing, as well as producing tracks, since the late 90s, with early musical influences spanning across a wide range of genres, from Swedish techno to IDM, Cologne acid craziness and the sound of Chicago house tracks. For more info on John and his music, check out:
Baduga will kick things off with a #minimaltech set, followed by Margarita's trademark #techno set and John H's acid-infused and diverse #techno vibes ideal for a closing set for what promises to be an edition you do not want to miss!
Make sure to hit 'going' or 'interested' in the event and get a reminder before it starts!
As usual, we'll be going live here on our Fb page and be heard on our online radiowaves (
So tune in to say hello and dance with us from where ever you are!

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