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Don't miss the Interview at K103 Street Vibes, when we are going to talk with a good and beautiful singer/songwriter from Bósnia,

Dzeny, as in the english Jenny, is a singer/songwriter from Bosnia, but lives in Sweden, Gothenburg. She came to Sweden during the Jugoslavian war.

Her entire life, music has been around her, and she realized early that music was her purpose, which is also why she decided to pursue a career as a singer.

From music school, to studio: She recorded her first demo at the age of 13, by then she had already written several songs, in english. Since then, Dzeny has had the opportunities to work with many producers and recorded in studios all over Scandinavia and Bosnia. She has also written songs to other artists, both in Sweden and Bosnia, as well as done collars with some of the Bosnian under ground hip-hoppers.

Later on she decided to take her music to her own country, Bosnia, where she decided she wanted to make a, what she calls "Musical evolution". Her goal was and still is to introduce the international sound to her country, who is based on the "Folk sound". With this in mind, she recorded her first single in Bosnian and also a music video to that, in Croatia. After that, she got in touch with one of Bosnian legendary songwriters, with whom she recorded another song and music video, which actually still is airing on Bosnian biggest music channels.

As time went on, Dzeny decided to go on Bosnian version of Idol, where she after 8,5 months of competition reached the finals this year in May. Although she did not win, she did have the highest televising at the finals, which she says is what matters the most - the audience selected her as a winner!

Before returning to Sweden, she finished her first album, after the Bosnian idol finals, as well as two more music videos. One of them is also airing on Bosnia biggest music channels while the other one still is waiting for a premiere. Her album "Zena Zvijer", or in english "The Beast", is awaiting promotion in the Balkans (Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, etc), and is rather special since Dzeny currently is the ONLY artist in Bosnia with that POP sound.

The album, to which Dzeny also is the author to some of the songs, is mainly in Bosnian with a couple of songs in English, with the international sound to it, but the goal is to make a full English song album, since she actually wants to promote her style internationally as well. Another thing worth mentioning, the album consists of some of the most wanted producers and writers in Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia at the moment.

Now that she has become well known in Bosnia, why not expand further?! Already, news papers in Sweden have contacted her for interviews, such as GP and nordost, and several radio stations.

And to sum it up, Dzeny always describes her love for music by saying:
"Music is not just what I DO - its who I AM!"

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