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Dear my friends don't miss the Interview with one of the best "BREAKDANCE CREW" of Sweden, Scandinavia and Europe.ULTIMATE B.BOYS

Ultimate B-Boys
We started the group in 1999. We are 8 members of our crew. All of us have been teaching in various dance schools around Gothenburg and Sweden. There are some of us who still teach and work with children and adolescents.
This is what we have done as a crew:
We have competed in many competitions such as "Scandinavian-Eastern European Battle of the Year". In Scandinavian / Eastern Europe Boty 2005 we came second and won the best show. In 2007 we won this contest, which took us to the "International Battle of the Year 2007" where we ended up as 7 which is the furthest Sweden ever come.
Ultimate B-Boys made history
When we won the Scandinavian / Eastern European Boty 2007 we were the first Swedish group who had only B-Boys, who were originally from Sweden. By that we mean that other Swedish breakdance crews that won the Scandinavian Boty previously had borrowed dancers from different countries in Scandinavia or Europe.
Swedish Championships
2005 was the year we won and became Swedish champions.
Gothenburg competitions 1998-2010
We also competed in many breaking competitions in Sweden and around Scandinavia.
We have won Gothenburg championship four times in a row four , both in the category of best crew and the best solo dancer.
We have also won Gothenburg talent 6 times for different categories such as best show.
In 2002 we were involved in the Swedish Hip Hop Awards and won against other dance groups in Sweden, one of them called Bounce.
2006 we won the Red Bull Battle of Moves in Sweden.
2001 a breakdance crew from South Africa called Black Noise arranged a dance contest called Heal the Hood here in Sweden and we won.
In Norway, Oslo 2009, we won the battle for UNICEF event.
There are a lot of competitions that we've been through and won or placed ourselves in 2, 3 or 4th place. One of them is "UK Championship qualification"
Other merits:
We have been mentioned and seen commercially such as newspapers, television, music videos, films and radio throughout Sweden and Scandinavia. We have performed a lot around Sweden and occasionally in Scandinavia and Europe.

This is a small part of what we "Ultimate BBoys" have done during our almost 15 years together.

Here are some links if you want to see a bit of what we do and have done.

Battle of The year 2007:

Talang uttagning:

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