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Don't miss the Interview with a beautiful singer/rapper/songwriter from Brazil & Sweden

Jacqueline Ignacio is a brasilian/swedish singer/rapper/songwriter.
She is a phenomenal multitasking artist who isn`t afraid of creating new styles, breaking boundaries and representing a sophisticated rapstyle.

Jacqueline have always been involved in the entertainment business, starting out as a dancer since child, dancing several dancestyles such as hip hop, jazz, samba, salsa, house, burlesque and still teaching just how to walk and dance in high heels.

Jacqueline started her music journey in 2002 by singing brasilian popular music,soul and rnb, rap and always writing her hidden poems, when finally in 2008 was invited to perform on the official demonstration on Womens international day in Gotheburg City, Sweden.
She got huge response and chose to continue her hearts desire.
She studied at the music college in Gothenburg, participated in Swedish Idol and
in between producing eventnights, shows, fashionshows and beeing in 3 different bands, she chose to go back to her motherland Brasil to record her first singel and musicvideo
"o que eu Faco", a hip hop blending with samba, where she raps in portuguese and english.
She wrote the lyrics, co produced the video, art directed and has her own company Black Pearl Production.

Jacqueline has just begun, and is the ignition of her spirit that will carry on so we can enjoy even more of this amazing woman!

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