Street Vibes

Street Vibes. Filipino Martial Arts & Kali de Mano

TODAY 18:00
Don't miss the Interview with the master Claes Johansson. Filipino Martial Arts & Kali de Mano .

Kali de Mano is the head style at Kali Gothenburg. The style is a complete FMA style with elements of traditional blade and stick training, empty hand defence and competetive training, grappling and dumog.

We are working with a Silat concept consisting of influences from Bakti Negara, Pencak Silat Concept and Tapac Suci. The training is of traditional character with modern application.


This TKS-training system is a mix of Thaiboxing and different fighting methods Kickboxing, Savate and Sikaran. The training is highly physical, with advanced pad work and  professionally developed sparring methods.


Grappling, throwing and locking skills in a traditional Martial Art. Very suitable for learning body mechanics and basic selfdefence applications.

presas Style

The style of late Great Grandmaster Ernesto A Presas. A very effective and good way to learn more about the core of the Filipino Martial Arts - Stickfighting. Kombatan, previousy known as Modern Arnis is one of the most widespread styles of FMA.

Street Vibes is a program for the public who likes music, art and sport.

MUSIC Latinamerican, Carribbean and American
SPORT Dance, MMA, Skate, Boxing, Jui-Jutsu, Muay Thai, Basketball etc

Everyone can enjoy this program no matter age!



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