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Street Vibes. Filipino Martial Arts & Kali de Mano

TODAY 18:00
Don't miss the Interview with the master Claes Johansson. Filipino Martial Arts & Kali de Mano .

Kali de Mano is the head style at Kali Gothenburg. The style is a complete FMA style with elements of traditional blade and stick training, empty hand defence and competetive training, grappling and dumog.

We are working with a Silat concept consisting of influences from Bakti Negara, Pencak Silat Concept and Tapac Suci. The training is of traditional character with modern application.


This TKS-training system is a mix of Thaiboxing and different fighting methods Kickboxing, Savate and Sikaran. The training is highly physical, with advanced pad work and  professionally developed sparring methods.


Grappling, throwing and locking skills in a traditional Martial Art. Very suitable for learning body mechanics and basic selfdefence applications.

presas Style

The style of late Great Grandmaster Ernesto A Presas. A very effective and good way to learn more about the core of the Filipino Martial Arts - Stickfighting. Kombatan, previousy known as Modern Arnis is one of the most widespread styles of FMA.

Street Vibes Brazil & Sweden

TODAY 18:00

Don't miss the Interview with a beautiful singer/rapper/songwriter from Brazil & Sweden

Jacqueline Ignacio is a brasilian/swedish singer/rapper/songwriter.
She is a phenomenal multitasking artist who isn`t afraid of creating new styles, breaking boundaries and representing a sophisticated rapstyle.

Jacqueline have always been involved in the entertainment business, starting out as a dancer since child, dancing several dancestyles such as hip hop, jazz, samba, salsa, house, burlesque and still teaching just how to walk and dance in high heels.

Jacqueline started her music journey in 2002 by singing brasilian popular music,soul and rnb, rap and always writing her hidden poems, when finally in 2008 was invited to perform on the official demonstration on Womens international day in Gotheburg City, Sweden.
She got huge response and chose to continue her hearts desire.
She studied at the music college in Gothenburg, participated in Swedish Idol and
in between producing eventnights, shows, fashionshows and beeing in 3 different bands, she chose to go back to her motherland Brasil to record her first singel and musicvideo
"o que eu Faco", a hip hop blending with samba, where she raps in portuguese and english.
She wrote the lyrics, co produced the video, art directed and has her own company Black Pearl Production.

Jacqueline has just begun, and is the ignition of her spirit that will carry on so we can enjoy even more of this amazing woman!

Street Vibes B.boy 4ever

TODAY 18.00
Dear my friends don't miss the Interview with one of the best "BREAKDANCE CREW" of Sweden, Scandinavia and Europe.ULTIMATE B.BOYS

Ultimate B-Boys
We started the group in 1999. We are 8 members of our crew. All of us have been teaching in various dance schools around Gothenburg and Sweden. There are some of us who still teach and work with children and adolescents.
This is what we have done as a crew:
We have competed in many competitions such as "Scandinavian-Eastern European Battle of the Year". In Scandinavian / Eastern Europe Boty 2005 we came second and won the best show. In 2007 we won this contest, which took us to the "International Battle of the Year 2007" where we ended up as 7 which is the furthest Sweden ever come.
Ultimate B-Boys made history
When we won the Scandinavian / Eastern European Boty 2007 we were the first Swedish group who had only B-Boys, who were originally from Sweden. By that we mean that other Swedish breakdance crews that won the Scandinavian Boty previously had borrowed dancers from different countries in Scandinavia or Europe.
Swedish Championships
2005 was the year we won and became Swedish champions.
Gothenburg competitions 1998-2010
We also competed in many breaking competitions in Sweden and around Scandinavia.
We have won Gothenburg championship four times in a row four , both in the category of best crew and the best solo dancer.
We have also won Gothenburg talent 6 times for different categories such as best show.
In 2002 we were involved in the Swedish Hip Hop Awards and won against other dance groups in Sweden, one of them called Bounce.
2006 we won the Red Bull Battle of Moves in Sweden.
2001 a breakdance crew from South Africa called Black Noise arranged a dance contest called Heal the Hood here in Sweden and we won.
In Norway, Oslo 2009, we won the battle for UNICEF event.
There are a lot of competitions that we've been through and won or placed ourselves in 2, 3 or 4th place. One of them is "UK Championship qualification"
Other merits:
We have been mentioned and seen commercially such as newspapers, television, music videos, films and radio throughout Sweden and Scandinavia. We have performed a lot around Sweden and occasionally in Scandinavia and Europe.

This is a small part of what we "Ultimate BBoys" have done during our almost 15 years together.

Here are some links if you want to see a bit of what we do and have done.

Battle of The year 2007:

Talang uttagning:

Street Vibes Bosnia & Sweden

TODAY 18:00
My dear listeners !

Don't miss the Interview at K103 Street Vibes, when we are going to talk with a good and beautiful singer/songwriter from Bósnia,

Dzeny, as in the english Jenny, is a singer/songwriter from Bosnia, but lives in Sweden, Gothenburg. She came to Sweden during the Jugoslavian war.

Her entire life, music has been around her, and she realized early that music was her purpose, which is also why she decided to pursue a career as a singer.

From music school, to studio: She recorded her first demo at the age of 13, by then she had already written several songs, in english. Since then, Dzeny has had the opportunities to work with many producers and recorded in studios all over Scandinavia and Bosnia. She has also written songs to other artists, both in Sweden and Bosnia, as well as done collars with some of the Bosnian under ground hip-hoppers.

Later on she decided to take her music to her own country, Bosnia, where she decided she wanted to make a, what she calls "Musical evolution". Her goal was and still is to introduce the international sound to her country, who is based on the "Folk sound". With this in mind, she recorded her first single in Bosnian and also a music video to that, in Croatia. After that, she got in touch with one of Bosnian legendary songwriters, with whom she recorded another song and music video, which actually still is airing on Bosnian biggest music channels.

As time went on, Dzeny decided to go on Bosnian version of Idol, where she after 8,5 months of competition reached the finals this year in May. Although she did not win, she did have the highest televising at the finals, which she says is what matters the most - the audience selected her as a winner!

Before returning to Sweden, she finished her first album, after the Bosnian idol finals, as well as two more music videos. One of them is also airing on Bosnia biggest music channels while the other one still is waiting for a premiere. Her album "Zena Zvijer", or in english "The Beast", is awaiting promotion in the Balkans (Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, etc), and is rather special since Dzeny currently is the ONLY artist in Bosnia with that POP sound.

The album, to which Dzeny also is the author to some of the songs, is mainly in Bosnian with a couple of songs in English, with the international sound to it, but the goal is to make a full English song album, since she actually wants to promote her style internationally as well. Another thing worth mentioning, the album consists of some of the most wanted producers and writers in Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia at the moment.

Now that she has become well known in Bosnia, why not expand further?! Already, news papers in Sweden have contacted her for interviews, such as GP and nordost, and several radio stations.

And to sum it up, Dzeny always describes her love for music by saying:
"Music is not just what I DO - its who I AM!"

Street Vibes NEW YORK Style

TODAY 18:00
Don't miss the Interview at K103 Street Vibes when we are going to talk with one of the best dancers in the world: Shannon Mabra "Whichway Sha"

Shannon Whichway Sha -Dancer-Choreographer-Model-Entertainer: Whichway Sha is a established Artist/Lecture from New York city, the Borough of Staten Island; he is currently stationed in the city/country Gothenburg Sweden periodically each year.

He has worked with MOTOWN R & B recording industry, been featured on a showcase tour with legendary R & B singer artist STACY LATTISAW.

He was featured as one of the back-up vocalist on the well-respected HIP HOP Rapper/Dj Scratching legendary iconic-figurehead from New York City CUT MASTER DC 1st recorded HIP HOP track "THATS LIFE"! Whichway Sha has been highlighted for dancing in videos of DOUG-E FRESH, RUN-DMC, TONI BRAXTON, SHABA RANKS and more.

He was a nominated Artist dancer in the street/urban dance documentary "THE HOUSE OF TRE"!

He has also did performances and seminar lectures in many entertainment showcases, events, popular cities and countries like; Tokyo's Japan Dance Delight, Stockholm's Sweden Street Star, Gothenburg Sweden City Jam Festival, Paris France Juste Debout, Dusseldorf Germany's Hip hop Dance Dayz; Czech Republic Dance Life Expo; New York city The Apollo Theater and many more!


Whichway Sha is currently a part of the urban dance group DANCE FUSION, NEW YORK STATE DANCE EDUCATION ASSOCIATION, MOP TOP

and also is partner manager of a small entertainment


Anatomic Jack & Dance is a Registered Entertainment Company (Bolag)

in the Västra Götalands Län/Province of Gothenburgs Kommun/Municipality Sweden

Whichway Sha is working with various entertaining artist, educational & cultural organisations and regularly instructs dance classes by invited workshop arrangements or scheduled class sessions in dance schools or similar places.

Robby Rocha DJ SDF

Street Vibes music production

TODAY Don't miss the Interview with the producer Richard at K103 Street Vibes when we gonna talk about music !
Behind the microphone Mar Tin with DJ Robby SDF at 18:00 to 18:30

Peace love and respect and a lot o music :)

Street Vibes Mystique Night Kizomba

TODAY Don't miss the Interview at K103 Street Vibes when we gonna talk with the organizers Aurelio, Karin and Charlie for the big Mystique Night Party. DJs KidKenny and Humberto

We at Chill Out welcome all of you for an Exclusive MYSTIQUE Night at restaurant BRASA 1st of November 20:00-02:00
The Theme of the Night is MYSTIQUE which stand for Sensual and Tasteful…Dress to Impress! Let your fantasy flow but don't forget tasteful.

We will welcome you with a tasty welcome drink, we will serve delicious canapés from Brazil during the night.

We will have a nice surprise on the Pre-tickets where you can win a dinner for 2 at Restaurant BRASA. IMPORTANT this only include when you buy the pre-tickets!
Information about tickets and party you find at: CHILL OUT KIZOMBA MYSTIQUE NIGHT@BRASA on Facebook
Contact: Charlie tfn: 0708-313631
Karin tfn: 0736-347750

Restaurante BRASA Odinsgatan 11 ,41103 Göteborg

Street Vibes Hip Hop for life

TODAY we are going to interview the young rapper Henchman Tudeka from Gothenburg!
Martin behind the microphone and DJ Robby SDF in charge of the music.
DON'T MISS IT! 18:00 to 18:30
Peace love and much respect and a lot of music !

Street Vibes

What's up everyone :) Do not forget to listen to us! Martin in microphone and I Dj Robby SDF giving much information of events and good music !
Have a nice weekend ! Peace

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