Trans-European Indie Express

Stop #6: Finland

All aboard the Trans-European Indie Express! For the sixth stop in our online inter-railing experiment, we leap across the Baltic Sea to neighbouring Finland.

With most artists choosing to sing in Finnish rather than English and live in small towns rather than the capital, Finland’s independent sound has remained defiantly local in the global music industry. Join us as we explore the symbolic importance of the Finnish language and delve into hyper indie-pop, gritty rock, and everything in between.

All of the songs featured in the episode, plus many more, are available in our curated Spotify playlist:

The train to Finland departures on this Saturday at 16:00 from platform K103. Can’t make it? Join us at any time via our Mixcloud:

All aboard the Trans-European Indie Express! This show was created as Europe went into its second covid lockdown in the fall of 2020, leaving small, local bands without gigs and festivals - and leaving us without the possibility to travel. Therefore, we will attempt to travel through Europe as digital music tourists, exploring different countries by tuning in to their local, independent music scene and discover artists that are largely unknown outside of their home countries.


Anna Niere, Siri Christiansen och Iris Brinkman.


Lördagar 16:00 - 17:00

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