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Welcome to The Global Inn!

We are excited to announce our new show The Global Inn. A show about what is happening on this planet we call Earth. The first topic concerns the 75th anniversary of the UN, so we talk about The Future of Global Governence. We had the honour of having this conversation with Jan Aart Sholte, Professor of Global Transformations and Governance Challenges at Leiden University. Tune into K103 at 2 pm on Saturday to visit the best Inn in the world!

The Global Inn is a program focusing on the issues of today's society through a global lens. Each week you will be able to listen to us explaining, discussing and debating, along with experts. We broadcast every Saturday at 14:00 on K103 Göteborgs Studentradio, through FM 103,1.

You can also listen to the programs as many times as you like on Spotify, Mixcloud, or your usual podcast platform, where you can find our latest episode as well:
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Salomon R-Masaka, Amanda Alagic, Harry S. Roll och Ida P. Ekspong.


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