The Show about Nothing

The Show about Nothing - The one about women's security in society

This time TSAN takes a female perspective on a very important topic, which is the one of women’s security in society. Earlier in march this year Sarah Everard, a young women from England disappeared on her way home. Shortly after an unread whatsapp text with the message “text me when you get home” and several hashtags began trending on social media. This episode we are joined by Alexandra and Belén and we talk about personal stories, we discuss the power of international social media movements and how important it is as a woman to raise your voice on the topic of sexual assault and feeling secure in public. Everyone of us can contribute to making this world a safer place! It starts with listening and goes on with raising awareness! Shift the focus on educating men to no harass women instead of teaching women to be careful from an early age on!

Every women has a voice and when she decides to raise it, our only job is to listen, no to judge her sharing personal experiences. Let’s be the change we want to see in our societies.

Enjoy this “girls only” episode, TSAN will be back with the old trio for the next episode!
With love, Marie & Fatima with guests Alexandra & Belén

And as per usual, you know the game:
saturday 20th and 27th of march from 5-6 pm

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The Show about Nothing - the random one about childhoods

Hej Ho, it’s us again and we got some real good nothing prepared for you!
This time we are going back into our childhood and we share some stories about growing up with everything that belongs to it. This episode has it all: from first experiences with death, to watermelon that isn’t what it used to be and 6 months of being grounded. Intrigued? You should be, go and find out when we smoked or first cigarette and how to train strong independent survivor rats. Oh and please be a good person and always collect your dog poop!

Stay happy! Hugs, Fatima, Max, Marie & Igor

And as per usual, you know the game:
saturday 6th and 13th of march from 5-6 pm

FM: in GBG 103.1

The Show about Nothing - the one about EMOTIONS

Tjena, we hope you are all doing good!

In this episode the TSAN crew dives into the big field of EMOTIONS together with their lovely guest and (almost) Dr. Sonali. Lean back and enjoy a light and breezy chat about the good and the bad feelings that we encounter in our lives. Across the line of topics in this show we touch upon the question if brutal honesty brings us forward, we discuss self-worth and realize that the fear of consequences plays a big role in what emotions we share with others. The fact we are focussing on outcomes of our actions so much can sometimes limit us. We are afraid to fail, even though we only learn through failure.

Once more we realized how short 57 minutes can be, so tune in and enjoy our perspective on the emotional side of life.

And TSAN wouldn’t be real if there wasn’t some “tips to go” for you!

- Embrace your vulnerability!
- Fail forward!
- Dare to live the life you want, less regretto – more espresso!
- Be authentic!
- Stop living in the past, you can’t change it anyway, enjoy the now!

With this we at TSAN wish you a happy weekend! YOLO instead of FOMO.
With love and affection: Fatima, Max & Marie

And as per usual, you know the game: staurday 20th and 27th of february from 5-6 pm

FM: in GBG 103.1

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The Show about Nothing - the BIG reunion

Midst in this sunny kick-off into february we at the Show about Nothing have a reason to celebrate: the quota male is back! Our beloved Max has returned to Sweden and will from now on be back behind the mics with us to spice up this show for you! The 8 months as a girl gang are over and we couldn’t be more excited! Tune in to hear about some of Max adventures in Germany, updates from the curtain empire and a chat about how much money you can earn with set-up-marriages!

Eat lasagna and have a great day!
With love, the reunited TSAN trio!

Catch up with us on Saturday 6th and 13th of february from 5-6pm as usual!

FM: in GBG 103.1

TSAN - The one about Sex

2021, new year, same us!

Here at TSAN we haven't changed a single bit. That means we are still talking about everything and nothing and no topic is taboo! Today we kick you off with some juicy content: An absolutely shameless and entertaining episode about things related to SEX is awaiting you. Tune in and hear hobby sexologists Fatima and Marie share their insights about topics ranging from sex education and porn to fetishes like wearing rubber clothes.

For all of you that maybe rather enjoy listening to porn instead of watching it we do recommend you to check out the website, where you find all sorts of high quality audio erotica. Lean back and enjoy!

And when already recommending sexy websites, go and check out This is an interesting page where women, men and couples can find all sorts of science facts about female pleasure.

Sex and Porn comes in many shapes and sizes, just as we are sending our content on many different channels. So pick what you prefer and find us on...

FM: 103.1 in GBG from 5-6 on Saturday 16th and 23rd of january 2021

May your sex life be adventurous and you enjoy yourself!
All the best from Marie & Fatima

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TSAN - 2021 is upon us!

Hello there! Welcome to the GRAND FINALE: this is the last TSAN for 2020!

It is a final countdown... lallalaaa! We almost made it: 2020 was long, intense, special and brought fun times and hardships on us. The world was shaken a bit in it's basis and we all had to adapt and learn. So we here at TSAN decided to do what seems obvious in this situation: correcto! A review of this special year. Tops and flops of 2020. What did this tiny potent virus bring to us? Why do we all have long hair now? You also gained weight? No worries, we are all in the same boat. After looking back at 2020 we could idetify trends like: the "big toiletpaper movement", the hype around live streamed work-outs and the glorious return of banana bread baking and the good old pal sourdough. We are sure nothing will continue as it is in 2021, it also would be a shame. So tune in and check which trends Fatima and Marie are expecting in 2021! Let me promise you: from underwear trends to writing letters it is all covered in this episode! You wanna kick off the year with new energy and cool vibes? New year, new me? Understandable! We feel you, but if you follow our trend recommendations you shall be well informed!

As you hopefully know by now: we share the TSAN expertise and wisdom on a regular basis on K103,1 FM frequency in GBG and we are also all timely and can be found on all sorts of podcasts apps. Feeling all fancy about it!So give us a listen and help us reach out personal goals in 2021. Becoming a great and famous podcast! Do so by clicking on of the following links:



And check the socials, as per usual!!

Happy New year! And may you have a great start into 2021!
Fatima & Marie

Tipp: leopard undies are the HOT SHIT in 2021!!

TSAN - Drinks

Hej på dig! Helloooo!

Have you entered holiday mood yet? Christmas is coming up, some freetime and maybe some goddamn peace and quiet for a little bit... before we are entering 2021. Hoping that it will bring with it some needed calm moments and s little less pandemic vibes. Hope dies last! We as the TSAN have all our fingers crossed! But let's put that aside, there is still some days left of that year!

While slurping some julmust here, it is my pleasure to announce the upcoming episode: your favorite moderators are talking about all sorts of drinks. As you hopefully know, it is very important to stay hydrated! But what is your favourite go to drink? What liquid do you enjoy on a friday night? Which drink sparks celebration vibes for you? Is there a drink you would choose to drown your sorrows? And could you survive without coffee? Is there a seasonal drink that is very important for you? These sort of questions are what Fatima and Marie chat about during the 57 minutes of pleasure that are awaiting you! Check your movie knowledge when joining Fatima on a tiny quiz on drinks known from holliwood screens. Sneak peak: she did well, the failure trophy still stays with Marie. Mixed with some new tunes from the K103 selection your hour between 5 and 6 pm on the 19th of December 2020 should be flying by!

The end of 2020 is year, but there is more TSAN content awaiting you! So stay tuned and continue consuming our content.
We do put our hearts and random thoughts into it.

For all of you that didn't know it yet: We are a Podcast now and you shall find us everywhere where podcasts are! Whee!



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Much amore and warm hugs!
Fatima & Marie

Tipp: You won't find answers to your questions on the bottom of a glass!

TSAN - Food Facts

Nom Nom Nom! December is here!
What many people see as the countdown to christmas, the time for traditions and all sorts of pre-christmas stress... for some other people it is the time for snacks, baking and eating chocolate santas. For us here at TSAN it is something in between, but most importantly have we decided that one can always talk about snacks and eating. Your moderators teamed up with the already known voice of Igor, a reocurring guest on this show, to talk about everything and nothing around the topic of food. As a diverse crew we share insights to different versions of hospitality and the link between food and culture. But the content doesn't stop there, we also touch upon different versions of abnormal relationships to food such as eating disorders. We have also found back to our usual patterns and challenge each other with a quiz about differnt types of food, so go and listen to educate yourself! Spoiler: Marie looses once again, just to stick to the routines!

We are wishing you a great december! May it be filled with tasty snacks and glögg!
And if you so wish... it could be filled with loads of good podcast content, because the Show about Nothing is a PODCAST now! Go and listen to us on all sorts of podcast apps.



And check the socials, as per usual!!

Much amore and warm hugs!
Fatima & Marie

The Show about Nothing - The Absurd thing we call Life / Philosophy

Tjena Tjena!
It is one of the rare sunny November days and what is there better than tuning into your favourite radio station, or streaming on Mixcloud? We got together to approach some deep content for you this week. But let's get right into it!

What keeps you up at night? Here at TSAN we often find ourself stuck in a maze of meaninglessness and contemplating the absurdity of existence. So this week, we decided to verbalize those thoughts with our friend Sharan and talk a bit about philosophy and the quest for meaning (or the absence of one). Tune in to 103,1 or mixcloud at 17:03, and participate in some thought experiments that may help us examine our often unexamined lives.

Relisten on Mixcloud:

And check our Insta, cause we are proud:

HAPPY WEEKEND! Stay frosty! Eat pancakes!

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The Show about Nothing - Halloween Smalltalk

BOO-HOO! Last weekend's episode is out on Mixcloud and you can all go and re-listen to what Fatima and Marie had to say about Halloween. The TSAN team hopes you all survived the spooky night and no corona victims have to be declared in the rows of our followers. Yes, Corona is back... it would have been too good to be true if it already was all over!
In the picture you can see Fatima's fashionable Halloween shirt, displaying the pumpkin face-man. It is made by an unknown artist - because we can not read his signature... Here you see why handwriting matter fellas! Doesn't he also look a bit scared of life in general!? Aren't we all a bit scared of what is waiting out there for us? Well! Stay tuned and keep up the good mood until we release more content this saturday the 7th of November!

We love you! And hope you are all sliding into November as smooth as Ice in the sunshine!

Also obviously find the episode here:

And follow us on Insta:

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So if you have an hour in spare every saturday give us a listen! Let us entertain won't regret it!

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