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All and Nothing about the world's greatest Conspiracy Theories

Oh whee dear listeners!

How are you holding up in these special times? Corona is still ongoing but spring also made it to town and your TSAN team got together and discussed the best conspiracy theories that are existing our there! Are you afraid that social distancing is dangerous because you could fall off the edge of the world? Or are you not a flat earther? You haven't even heard about flat earthers? Don't you worry, we got you covered. Listen to the episode where your moderators are breaking down the meaning of the word "CONSPIRACY" and filling you in about what can be found in Area 51. Is Illuminaty confirmed or not? Was the Corona virus really made by the communication platform Zoom?
We even got a special guest in the studio this time: conspiracy theorist Nico, who is sharing his best stories with fabulous moderator Fatima and lizard person Max (with a very soothing voice). Even Marie is calling in from quarantine in Umeå to make the show complete.

We recommend you don't miss out and tune in at 5pm on K103 Studentradio if it is the 25th of April 2020.
If you had no time to listen live, then find all our episodes here on mixcloud:

Beware of the lizard people! And take care of yourself and others!
All the best and spring vibes from Max, Fatima and Marie <3

And here comes the shamelesss plug for our socials!

Marie, Max (2 Germans) and Fatima (1 Swede) are three voices behind the "SHOW ABOUT NOTHING”. We are recording our thoughts about nothing and everything, with the goal to create a radio show that shall entertain you on your saturday afternoons, when getting cozy at home or getting ready for a night out. We are covering topics in a range from everything that matters to nothing in specific and get people to share their opinions with us in the studio.
Listeners can call us to have a chat with us, we catch you for recordings in town and we like to play games in the show.

So if you have an hour in spare every saturday give us a listen! Let us entertain won't regret it!

Stay tuned for the “Show about Nothing” on Gothenburg Studentradio every other Saturday from 5-6pm!



Fatima Ammalou, Max Zimmer och Marie Heimburg.


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