The Show about Nothing

TSAN kicks of season 2 - by sending out an SOS

Attention please! The Show about Nothing is back on air with SEASON 2! The hosts Fatima and Marie have prepared a bunch of new and interesting topics are waiting in the pipleine of good radio content. For those of you wondering, we are currently missing our mal voice Max on the show who is lost in Germany? SOS, Max can you hear us!! The first episodes airs on no other day than saturday 19th of September and presents you with the following scenario: What if... our entire reality completely changes and we need to survive out there just based on the skills we have? Ever thought of this?

Tune in from 5-6pm on the frequency 103.1 to K103 Göteborgs Studentradio and find out how we as your moderators and lovely
guests would go about such a scenario!

Not to give away too much, but it is defintely worth a listen! A certain "Band about Nothing" is on a tour for nobody and we hope you have as much fun listening as we had while recording!

If you havent had the time to listen live, just tune in on Mixcloud:

And here comes the shamelesss plug for our socials!

Happy Weekend!
Your TSAN team <3

Marie, Max (2 Germans) and Fatima (1 Swede) are three voices behind the "SHOW ABOUT NOTHING”. We are recording our thoughts about nothing and everything, with the goal to create a radio show that shall entertain you on your saturday afternoons, when getting cozy at home or getting ready for a night out. We are covering topics in a range from everything that matters to nothing in specific and get people to share their opinions with us in the studio.
Listeners can call us to have a chat with us, we catch you for recordings in town and we like to play games in the show.

So if you have an hour in spare every saturday give us a listen! Let us entertain won't regret it!

Stay tuned for the “Show about Nothing” on Gothenburg Studentradio every other Saturday from 5-6pm!



Fatima Ammalou, Max Zimmer och Marie Heimburg.


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