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TSAN - Cancel Culture

Cancel Culture - what is it, when did it arrive and why do we always scream; “BURN HER; BURN THE WITCH!”??! Checkout this controversial episode of The Show About Nothing with Belén, Fatima and Max, featuring the un-canceled Marie, as we inappropriately interrupt each other and misinform our listeners on acts of cancel-ers and victims! May this episode forever go down in history as THE episode that will get us all canceled in future careers!

You know the grind, tune in at 5pm on 103,1 FM in GBG, or here:


YO YO YO from Belén, Max, Fatima & Marie

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Marie, Max (2 Germans) and Fatima (1 Swede) are three voices behind the "SHOW ABOUT NOTHING”. We are recording our thoughts about nothing and everything, with the goal to create a radio show that shall entertain you on your saturday afternoons, when getting cozy at home or getting ready for a night out. We are covering topics in a range from everything that matters to nothing in specific and get people to share their opinions with us in the studio.
Listeners can call us to have a chat with us, we catch you for recordings in town and we like to play games in the show.

So if you have an hour in spare every saturday give us a listen! Let us entertain won't regret it!

Stay tuned for the “Show about Nothing” on Gothenburg Studentradio every other Saturday from 5-6pm!



Fatima Ammalou, Max Zimmer och Marie Heimburg.


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