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TSAN - 2021 is upon us!

Hello there! Welcome to the GRAND FINALE: this is the last TSAN for 2020!

It is a final countdown... lallalaaa! We almost made it: 2020 was long, intense, special and brought fun times and hardships on us. The world was shaken a bit in it's basis and we all had to adapt and learn. So we here at TSAN decided to do what seems obvious in this situation: correcto! A review of this special year. Tops and flops of 2020. What did this tiny potent virus bring to us? Why do we all have long hair now? You also gained weight? No worries, we are all in the same boat. After looking back at 2020 we could idetify trends like: the "big toiletpaper movement", the hype around live streamed work-outs and the glorious return of banana bread baking and the good old pal sourdough. We are sure nothing will continue as it is in 2021, it also would be a shame. So tune in and check which trends Fatima and Marie are expecting in 2021! Let me promise you: from underwear trends to writing letters it is all covered in this episode! You wanna kick off the year with new energy and cool vibes? New year, new me? Understandable! We feel you, but if you follow our trend recommendations you shall be well informed!

As you hopefully know by now: we share the TSAN expertise and wisdom on a regular basis on K103,1 FM frequency in GBG and we are also all timely and can be found on all sorts of podcasts apps. Feeling all fancy about it!So give us a listen and help us reach out personal goals in 2021. Becoming a great and famous podcast! Do so by clicking on of the following links:



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Happy New year! And may you have a great start into 2021!
Fatima & Marie

Tipp: leopard undies are the HOT SHIT in 2021!!

TSAN - Drinks

Hej på dig! Helloooo!

Have you entered holiday mood yet? Christmas is coming up, some freetime and maybe some goddamn peace and quiet for a little bit... before we are entering 2021. Hoping that it will bring with it some needed calm moments and s little less pandemic vibes. Hope dies last! We as the TSAN have all our fingers crossed! But let's put that aside, there is still some days left of that year!

While slurping some julmust here, it is my pleasure to announce the upcoming episode: your favorite moderators are talking about all sorts of drinks. As you hopefully know, it is very important to stay hydrated! But what is your favourite go to drink? What liquid do you enjoy on a friday night? Which drink sparks celebration vibes for you? Is there a drink you would choose to drown your sorrows? And could you survive without coffee? Is there a seasonal drink that is very important for you? These sort of questions are what Fatima and Marie chat about during the 57 minutes of pleasure that are awaiting you! Check your movie knowledge when joining Fatima on a tiny quiz on drinks known from holliwood screens. Sneak peak: she did well, the failure trophy still stays with Marie. Mixed with some new tunes from the K103 selection your hour between 5 and 6 pm on the 19th of December 2020 should be flying by!

The end of 2020 is year, but there is more TSAN content awaiting you! So stay tuned and continue consuming our content.
We do put our hearts and random thoughts into it.

For all of you that didn't know it yet: We are a Podcast now and you shall find us everywhere where podcasts are! Whee!



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Much amore and warm hugs!
Fatima & Marie

Tipp: You won't find answers to your questions on the bottom of a glass!

TSAN - Food Facts

Nom Nom Nom! December is here!
What many people see as the countdown to christmas, the time for traditions and all sorts of pre-christmas stress... for some other people it is the time for snacks, baking and eating chocolate santas. For us here at TSAN it is something in between, but most importantly have we decided that one can always talk about snacks and eating. Your moderators teamed up with the already known voice of Igor, a reocurring guest on this show, to talk about everything and nothing around the topic of food. As a diverse crew we share insights to different versions of hospitality and the link between food and culture. But the content doesn't stop there, we also touch upon different versions of abnormal relationships to food such as eating disorders. We have also found back to our usual patterns and challenge each other with a quiz about differnt types of food, so go and listen to educate yourself! Spoiler: Marie looses once again, just to stick to the routines!

We are wishing you a great december! May it be filled with tasty snacks and glögg!
And if you so wish... it could be filled with loads of good podcast content, because the Show about Nothing is a PODCAST now! Go and listen to us on all sorts of podcast apps.



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Much amore and warm hugs!
Fatima & Marie

The Show about Nothing - The Absurd thing we call Life / Philosophy

Tjena Tjena!
It is one of the rare sunny November days and what is there better than tuning into your favourite radio station, or streaming on Mixcloud? We got together to approach some deep content for you this week. But let's get right into it!

What keeps you up at night? Here at TSAN we often find ourself stuck in a maze of meaninglessness and contemplating the absurdity of existence. So this week, we decided to verbalize those thoughts with our friend Sharan and talk a bit about philosophy and the quest for meaning (or the absence of one). Tune in to 103,1 or mixcloud at 17:03, and participate in some thought experiments that may help us examine our often unexamined lives.

Relisten on Mixcloud:

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HAPPY WEEKEND! Stay frosty! Eat pancakes!

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The Show about Nothing - Halloween Smalltalk

BOO-HOO! Last weekend's episode is out on Mixcloud and you can all go and re-listen to what Fatima and Marie had to say about Halloween. The TSAN team hopes you all survived the spooky night and no corona victims have to be declared in the rows of our followers. Yes, Corona is back... it would have been too good to be true if it already was all over!
In the picture you can see Fatima's fashionable Halloween shirt, displaying the pumpkin face-man. It is made by an unknown artist - because we can not read his signature... Here you see why handwriting matter fellas! Doesn't he also look a bit scared of life in general!? Aren't we all a bit scared of what is waiting out there for us? Well! Stay tuned and keep up the good mood until we release more content this saturday the 7th of November!

We love you! And hope you are all sliding into November as smooth as Ice in the sunshine!

Also obviously find the episode here:

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How to EXIT DRUGS part II: David Liljeqvist's story

Tjena dear fanbase and all new listeners!

You have been blowing our minds this week! By today we have reached 143 listeners for the first episode of David talking about his way out of drug abuse. Thank you so much! We could not be happier that this content found the way to so many ears in town and who knows how far we have reached! Keep up this great attitude and we promise to keep producing new and exiting content.

This week you are in for the second half of the exit drugs story. We kept you waiting, but we promise it was worth it. Tune in for learning more about the 12th steps when stopping drug abuse. We are still joined by David who is sharing his authentic story with all of you. Don't miss the happy ending to this story and tune in for the very personal success story of our dear guest!

We would love to point out again that David is available for all of you that want to reach him. So don't hesitate to get in touch with him, he really is there for all of us that have more questions.

Find a way to talk to him through the following channels:

personal insta: qwast
artist insta: liljeqvistart

Go and ceck out our social media, cause we are awsome and fun:

Tune in live or listen to us on Mixcloud whenever your heart desires!

All the love to you!
Marie & Fatima

How to EXIT DRUGS? Interview with David Liljeqvist

Tjena Tjena our dear listeners! Hur är läget?

A sunny week ends in a well deserved weekend and your favourite TSAN hosts have some delicate content for you in the pipeline: Everything and nothing about the topic of "HOW TO EXIT DRUGS?"
Drugs are often associated with the fun and exciting party life, but what unfortunately is not being talked very often is the dark side of drug abuse. Once you have slipped into a serious addiction it is very hard to get out of it all by yourself.
Drug addiction is considered a disease and in this episode we want to break a taboo and talk with our guests in the studio about ways to exit drug abuse. Behind the mics in this episode you can here the voice of skater, artist and ex-drug-consumer David Liljeqvist, who is sharing his personal story of how drugs were affecting his life and how he managed to get rid of them. But wait, there is more: your weekly host of "Jazz your mind up!" is pitching in with the perspective of what we can do as friends of drug addicts. Sensitive content, freshly send right into your ears! Don't miss it!

Tune in for serious content and authentic stories this saturday 17th of October 2020 as usual from 5-6 PM on K103 Göteborgs Studentradio.

Or (re-)listen to us on Mixcloud via this link:

If you want to reach out to David, feel free to do so:
personal insta:
artist insta:

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Happy Weekend! And as the adapted version of the GBG Wax Trax jingle goes:
Hej kids, stay in school and don't take drugs! On Saturday night we listen to THE SHOW ABOUT NOTHING! 5-6 PM on K103

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More Music to the People! Take a look into your TSAN hosts playlists

We want to give: More Music to the People! The TSAN hosts digged through their musical archives and are sharing some of their go to music and favourite tunes with you in this show! Good oldies and fresh new hits mixed with treasures from all sorts of personal playlists. Because sharing is caring. Hear Marie fail dramatically on a music quiz - she really needs to get her music facts straight! And tune in to get into a good mood for the week. "I am only human after all..." so big apologies for late advertisment and before I write anything else I suggest: Get right to it! Good mood guaranteed!

Just click play and enjoy:

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Your TSAN team <3

TSAN kicks of season 2 - by sending out an SOS

Attention please! The Show about Nothing is back on air with SEASON 2! The hosts Fatima and Marie have prepared a bunch of new and interesting topics are waiting in the pipleine of good radio content. For those of you wondering, we are currently missing our mal voice Max on the show who is lost in Germany? SOS, Max can you hear us!! The first episodes airs on no other day than saturday 19th of September and presents you with the following scenario: What if... our entire reality completely changes and we need to survive out there just based on the skills we have? Ever thought of this?

Tune in from 5-6pm on the frequency 103.1 to K103 Göteborgs Studentradio and find out how we as your moderators and lovely
guests would go about such a scenario!

Not to give away too much, but it is defintely worth a listen! A certain "Band about Nothing" is on a tour for nobody and we hope you have as much fun listening as we had while recording!

If you havent had the time to listen live, just tune in on Mixcloud:

And here comes the shamelesss plug for our socials!

Happy Weekend!
Your TSAN team <3

All and nothing about Jobs & Identity

How are you doing? Are the summer holidays on yet? While summer came into town we have been working on some radio content for you and this time its about what we do and how it defines us. Most people spend a lot of their lifetime working. Some of us als don't work. Look at Marie... newly graduated and now just chilling... But if we work, the hours we invest into generating money are time in which we also define who we are to some degree. Tune in to this episode about Jobs and Identity to hear us discuss our childhood dream jobs and if we followed them. We talk about Max's future in a curtain empire and are joined by vampire nurse Fatima, dancer and guest Igor, baker Marie and magic Max!

Tune in on K103 Göteborgs Studentradio​ at 5-6 pm for some fine radio content on Saturdays!
Or listen to us on Mixcloud, find all episodes in our Playlist there:

All the best and happy 4th of July!
Max, Marie & Fatima

Marie, Max (2 Germans) and Fatima (1 Swede) are three voices behind the "SHOW ABOUT NOTHING”. We are recording our thoughts about nothing and everything, with the goal to create a radio show that shall entertain you on your saturday afternoons, when getting cozy at home or getting ready for a night out. We are covering topics in a range from everything that matters to nothing in specific and get people to share their opinions with us in the studio.
Listeners can call us to have a chat with us, we catch you for recordings in town and we like to play games in the show.

So if you have an hour in spare every saturday give us a listen! Let us entertain won't regret it!

Stay tuned for the “Show about Nothing” on Gothenburg Studentradio every other Saturday from 5-6pm!



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