Premiere: YONIversexplained

What is actually Tantra? How can you boost your energy on a daily basis? How to land more in your body when being too much in the head? And who is this yoniversal guide we want you to trust yourselves with, throughout the discovery of yoniverse? Tune in on Sunday at 11 am for answers.

I remember when the two of us met. In the flow of dance, in the flow of life, in the flow of laughter. Digging each other’s vibe and having a good ass time. The realisation of that we could create even more magic together, than apart, landed in this very production. An auditive journey here at Gothenburg student radio K103. With a vision of a living in world more open and authentic, we do our best to raise awareness in a humble yet space taking way. Two powerful humblebees learning to be even more fully ourselves & how to shine our lights even brighter upon this world.

Proud humans,
Light beings,
Woke people
Bountiful bosses, magnificent mothers & wise witches
Fierce fairy’s, strong sisters & divine daughters,
Playful pussy carriers

We lovingly welcome you to our first tap into YONIVERSE. This episode dipping our toes into what tantra is & how to be happy, holy and healthy in this modern world of ours.

Turn on your listening,
Tune in on K103,
And Tap that YONI out!

// Jaandrée Borelius & Hanna Lundell-Pivodic

YONIVERSEXPLAINED is an on air pussy power journey where we rediscover our holiness & goddessness as women of this earth. Tantra therapist, soul coach & sexpert Jaandrée Borelius will safely guide us as we together (s)explore, heal & accept ourselves. Taking us through Yoniverse together with the curious life- & yoni enthusiast, Hanna Lundell-Pivodic.



Jaandrée Borelius och Hanna Lundell-Pivodic.


Söndagar 11:00 - 12:00

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