Yoni eggs & frequencies

We had our very first guest on air, Åska-Saga Aurora Persdóttir Sivik. A creative, female force of Gothenburg as she is not only a mother; but also, a reiki-, sound-, and crystal healer, a DJ, a yoga instructor, a stick & poke artist and a very talented dancer. As well as all of the above she also has a genuine and long-term interest in stones, crystals & frequencies and will this episode share her knowledge on the subject. She will take us into this energetic world of her's. We will learn about how crystals are used as a frequency stabilizer for different devises. What yoni eggs are good for, which stones are suitable for putting inside of your body, what to take in to consideration regarding yoni eggs and much more.

Tips of stones/minerals suitable for yoni egg practise and how they affect your vibration:

Clear Quarts
Energize • Programming • Protect and Heal • Purifies the mental, spiritual and emotional bodies • Clear consiousness •

Rose quartz
Divine peace • Unconditional love towards yourself and others• Trust~Acceptance ~contentment • Emotional healing •

Balance Mind-Body • Gentle and nurturing • Joyful harmony • Stabilize your place in rhe present and motivates you make the manifestations you need • Fertility and mother-energy • Loving connection in relationships • Inner child work •

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//Jaandrée Borelius & Hanna Lundell-Pivodic

Latest episode on spotify:

Pleasure Purpose

How can one bring more juicyness and pleasure into the daily life? What does climaxing do to your mind, body and spirit? How can one turn regular day to day activities into pleasurable, sensationfilled ones with awareness?

This episode will be about finding the purpose in pleasure. It's about acceptance, enjoyability and letting go of limiting beliefs. About empowering yourself by giving pleasure both space and time in your life. It's about coming from a space of love and celebration instead of fear.

We will look into the spiritual perspective of climaxing. We will also dip our toes in different orgasm types and how one who never climaxed can walk down the road of sensations to pleasuretown.
How to take care of yourself in a healthy, safe and pleasurable way. And how to awaken your sences and expand bodily sensations.

Tune in on Sunday 11 am to join us
ALL THE PUSSYPOWER AND LOVE// Jaandrée Borelius & Hanna Lundell-Pivodic

Love thyself: yoni gazing edition

Have you ever gazed upon yourself in a non-sexual way? Not until we accept ourselves fully can we also love ourselves completely. This episode we will accept ourselves, show our selves self-compassion and appreciate all of our beings.
Get ready with a mirror for we are going to do some empowering yoni gazing.

And how can we turn self-loathing in to self-loving?
It’s first of all time to forgive yourself for all the times you’ve been hard on yourself. It’s time to forgive others for having treated you badly when they did not know better.

Dealing with traumas that come from unforgivable actions and deeds:
Come to acceptance with what has happened to you if forgiveness is not an option. Accept how you feel, and move through it. Open up and share it with people you trust and who can support you. Create the community you crave. You are the master of the reality in which you live. If it doesn’t feel good accepting those unforgivable actions and deeds without forgiving them, you can always forgive yourself for not being capable.

WOMAN. HUMAN. We are not free until all of us are.

Goddess level up time is here,
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ALL THE PUSSY POWER AND LOVE // Jaandrée Borelius & Hanna Lundell-Pivodic

Yoniversexplained: Verbalize it

How can we let go of shame and guilt? Why is it important to open up to vulnerability? What does it mean to have been conditioned? On Sunday we will be shining a light on what otherwise stands in the shadow. Speaking our soul’s truth and sharing our own insecurities. For when we open up to vulnerability, a healing process begins. And when we share those insecurities, we open up for others to be vulnerable too.

When we then let go of built up guilt and shame, we can love ourselves and others more fully. Opening up to self-love and acceptance as well as becoming more authentic.

So, Verbalize it.
There aint no shame in this game.

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// Jaandrée Borelius & Hanna Lundell-Pivodic

Premiere: YONIversexplained

What is actually Tantra? How can you boost your energy on a daily basis? How to land more in your body when being too much in the head? And who is this yoniversal guide we want you to trust yourselves with, throughout the discovery of yoniverse? Tune in on Sunday at 11 am for answers.

I remember when the two of us met. In the flow of dance, in the flow of life, in the flow of laughter. Digging each other’s vibe and having a good ass time. The realisation of that we could create even more magic together, than apart, landed in this very production. An auditive journey here at Gothenburg student radio K103. With a vision of a living in world more open and authentic, we do our best to raise awareness in a humble yet space taking way. Two powerful humblebees learning to be even more fully ourselves & how to shine our lights even brighter upon this world.

Proud humans,
Light beings,
Woke people
Bountiful bosses, magnificent mothers & wise witches
Fierce fairy’s, strong sisters & divine daughters,
Playful pussy carriers

We lovingly welcome you to our first tap into YONIVERSE. This episode dipping our toes into what tantra is & how to be happy, holy and healthy in this modern world of ours.

Turn on your listening,
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And Tap that YONI out!

// Jaandrée Borelius & Hanna Lundell-Pivodic

YONIVERSEXPLAINED is an on air pussy power journey where we rediscover our holiness & goddessness as women of this earth. Tantra therapist, soul coach & sexpert Jaandrée Borelius will safely guide us as we together (s)explore, heal & accept ourselves. Taking us through Yoniverse together with the curious life- & yoni enthusiast, Hanna Lundell-Pivodic.



Jaandrée Borelius och Hanna Lundell-Pivodic.

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